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Hi. I’m Andrea. I love helping people take the complex and make it simple.

I’m a coach and business strategist living in New Zealand (although I’m based in South East Asia for the winter).

I’ve always been fascinated by business and the people who run them. My past career as a corporate lawyer saw me assisting clients internationally to pursue their business goals. I’m now a trusted advisor (some would say a secret weapon) in another way.

I’ve worked with a wide range of individual clients, executives and entrepreneurs and organisations. My mission is to help people take their ideas and make them a reality by providing tips and tools, as well as inspiration, to move from ideas to implementation in the simplest way.

I was once described as scarily organised. It’s one of my superpowers that I will bring to help create a safe space for you to plan your next move.

I want my clients to work smarter not harder. Being exhausted and busy has become a badge of honour that we wear yet it is down grading our quality of life. It’s time for a new direction.

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Tales of Business and Adventure

Pak Ou Caves

A short day trip out of Luang Prabang is to jump on a river boat heading to Pak Ou Caves. The boats are small with tiny wooden chairs to sit on. Don’t expect to be able to feel your backside by the time you arrive! There are two main caves that you’re able to visit at...

How Salsa Changed My World

In case you think you’re about to get a fantastic recipe for a mind altering salsa dish, I wanted to be clear it’s not salsa the sauce but salsa the dance that has changed my world. Although if you do have such a recipe please share!   A little background to my...


I’m Andrea and I’m here to help you take your ideas to the next level and build a business that you love. I’m also an adventuress.

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Carla Watkins