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“Andrea is an expert that not only knows the technical side of business, but also makes working with her something fun to look forward to. She has a fun personality and creative out-of-the-box thinking that has helped me thrive more as a photographer. She didn’t just help me with my business. She helped me further develop a unique business that will help me live a free and balanced life.

Before my session I was really confused about what to focus on in order to grow my business. After our session I now have actionable next steps that I’m actually excited about. Andrea genuinely cares about your success and takes a personal interest in your goals – I would highly recommend her to anyone!”

Jennifer Dobson

Google Photographer & Gropro Enthusiast, Proview Photo


Are you focused on a business strategy that works for you?

Do you feel overwhelmed by all the things that you know you need to be doing for your business?

Does looking at your to-do list fill you with a feeling of dread?

It doesn’t need to be this way! Running a business can be a lot simpler if you have a plan in place.

Together, let’s create a personalised business strategy for your business to give you the solid foundation you need so that your days are filled with more ease, less stress.

You’ll know what you need to do, and what you can ignore, because you’ll have a plan that was designed to work for you.




I help entrepreneurs, creatives & adventurers create tailor-made plans to build a solid foundation for their business which give peace of mind, confidence and the freedom to let ideas soar.                     DISCOVER MORE


This workbook is designed to help you create great blog post ideas, so you can wow your readers & never have to sit in front of a blank screen, with the cursor blinking . . .               GET IT NOW


Practical tools and tips for keeping business simple and a behind the scenes look at what life as a digital nomad is really like.



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I’m Andrea, and I travel the world while running my business.

I work as a business strategist for entrepreneurs, creatives & adventurers who want to be released from their endless to-do list and create a business strategy that really works for them.

Because we all deserve to live a wonderful life.

27 Oct to 6 Nov - Costa Rica

7 Nov to 4 Dec - Nicaragua

4 Dec to 9 Jan - Argentina, Buenos Aires

9 Jan to 9 Feb - Uruguay

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