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How Jealousy Can Be A Useful Tool

Let’s face it we all get jealous occasionally. I do it; especially when I’m not living my life in the way that I really want to. The thing is that your reaction is really nothing to do with the other person. They are simply the trigger for something that is going on...

6 tips to beat procrastination

Ahh sweet procrastination. That constant companion that is with you always; popping up to say hi when you are lacing up your running shoes, when you sit down to write a new chapter of your novel or when you face a blank sheet of paper on which you intend to write your...

Self-care – an act of survival

The start of a New Year; a time of renewal where we seek to form new habits to create a different life experience. Since starting to build my business I’ve found I don’t have much spare time in my days. I need to block in time for lunch and remind myself that it’s...

Chocolate smoothie for breakfast?! (it’s sugar free)

For the past couple of months I’ve been experimenting by removing processed sugar from my diet. For breakfast I’ve removed sugary cereals and replaced them with smoothies.   This is one of my favourite recipes:    Take the following and blend until smooth 1...

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