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Tales of Life and Adventure

Sights of Singapore

Sailing in the harbour  I was offered the chance to go sailing in Singapore and leaped at the opportunity. As sometimes happens the experience wasn’t quite what I was expecting. No wind. Little boats. Limited to a tiny part of the harbour. Still I think it’s worth...

Being comfortable with discomfort

It’s ironic that when I wrote this blog post I was sitting on the sofa; hot water bottle pressed against my upper back to relieve muscles that were giving me a lot of discomfort. That kind of discomfort is really NOT something I want to get too familiar with. However,...

23 Hours In Brisbane

What can you do in Brisbane on a 23 hour stop over? I was travelling back to New Zealand from Singapore which required me to stop over in Brisbane. I arrived at 9.30am and would leave the next day at 8.30am. My first mission was to get some sleep! Squashed up on the 8...

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