What do you do when you don’t like writing blog posts, or think you aren’t any good at it?

Here are 5 tips for you to consider:


1. Don’t Write

It might seem obvious but not every blog post has to be written. Try recording a video instead, then have a transcript prepared for you. Not everyone likes to read blog posts so recording a video is a great alternative.


2. Speak Your Words

If you’re happier speaking than writing then dictate your words and have someone else transcribe your words for you. It’s then a much simpler task for you to edit the transcribed words rather than having to start from scratch.


3. Practise Every Day

Sometimes I don’t like doing a thing because I’m not very good at it or feel that I’m not very good.

Practise writing each day. Start small by writing a paragraph. Make it the best it can be. Do the same tomorrow. Before long you’ll start to see an improvement in your work.


4. Talk About Someone Else

Interview an influencer in your field or someone your readers would like to hear about.

Use the audio, if you’re recording the interview, or send them a list of questions to answer.


5. Become A Curator

There is plenty of fantastic content on the internet already. Collect information that your readers would love…

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Liz Gilbert told an interesting story when she was being interviewed about Big Magic (a fantastic book!) about the writing process of Brene Brown (another talented author). It turns out that Brene is not so keen on writing!

After talking together, Brene decided to try another approach. She found that talking about her ideas allowed her creativity to flow so she sat down with a couple of friends and talked them through her book. Her friends took notes on each chapter, then Brene ducked away to a different room to write down her notes. They came back together and compared notes.

Bit by bit a book was born.


There are many ways of writing blog posts. The important thing is to find a way that suits you the best.


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