You’ve done something incredible.


You’ve taken an idea and made it come alive in the shape of your business. That takes courage, it takes bravery. It means taking a leap into the unknown and a huge step towards living a life less ordinary.


You inspire me.


The question is . . . how would you like to take the business that you’ve created and

redesign it so that it fully supports the vision that you had when you first started?


Business Redesign is for you if . . .


  • You had a clear vision for your business, but you’ve lost confidence in whether you can make it happen. You feel lost and alone. Where do you go to next?


  • You feel like you could be making more money than you are now.


  • You’re determined to make your business work but you’re not sure why everything feels so hard. You don’t have the time, support or resources to design a better way of working.


How would you like . . .


An ENTIRE month with me figuring out the future direction of your business?


Together, we’ll take that dream you had and craft a tailored action plan that you’ll be able to start working on right away.


I’ll recommend tools and tips to support your work.


We’ll also identify ways in which you can improve the overall running of your business so you’ll have more time to engage with your clients on the important things, to pursue creative projects and to spend time with the people that you love.


You don’t need another course, full of information, that you won’t complete.

Sitting on your laptop, gathering virtual dust…


It’s time to let go of the grind, the hustle, the struggle. You already know that running a business required work but why does it need to be hard?


What I want for you is a simpler way of working. A smarter way that sees the hard slough replaced with ease and a natural flow.


So let’s . . .


  • Strip your business back to the basics and reconnect you with the heart of your business. We’ll look at what’s worked, and what hasn’t, to create a tailored strategy for your business.


  • Put aside the to-do list and dedicate time for you to work on your business. We’ll plan and strategise, and determine how you want your products and services to be structured.


  • Strengthen your business foundations so they’re strong enough to support you to do the work you love to do.


  • Put together a tailored, detailed map for HOW you’ll make this happen.


Imagine what it’d be like to have a steady stream of clients that you can’t wait to work with and streamlined systems that work for you and allow you to do your best work.


The details . . .


  • You choose whether you want to focus on one specific area, such as a content creation plan, OR a broad look at your business model — whether that’s your pricing, processes, structure, or something else.


  • We’ll start with a 90-minute call via Zoom so I can fully understand the challenges you’ve been dealing with and the ideal business and lifestyle for you.


  • Next, we’ll take a week long break during which I’ll draft up an action plan to redesign your business that you’ll be able to take action on immediately. The plan will be based on what we discussed and also the pre-call questionnaire that I asked you to complete. The action plan will include both a 90 Day Plan (so you’ve got a plan for after we finish working together) AND a detailed monthly plan for our time together.


  • We’ll talk again, within the week, for 60 minutes, to review the plan that I sent you and make any necessary changes. We’ll also determine the critical next steps you need to take.


This isn’t about giving you lots of overwhelming information before leaving you alone



Instead, I’ll help you figure out exactly what you need to do stay on track as you redesign your business.


  • Then, we’ll catch up for 20 minutes once a week for the next two weeks AND you’ll have access to unlimited email support from me for one whole month following your initial 90-minute call.


You’ll receive recordings of all of our calls so you have a ready-made resource to refer back to.


You’ll be supported through-out the month to reach the next level with your business.




If you’d like to explore the opportunity of working together, please apply below.

By clicking on the button above you’ll be taken to a form that has a couple of questions for you. Once I receive your form I’ll be in touch.


I can’t wait to support you to take your business to the next level.



Earnings Disclaimer: There are no guarantees for the level of success you may experience as a result of taking part in this program. Each person’s results will vary and will depend on your personal abilities, experience, knowledge, capabilities and other elements beyond my control. There is no promise or representation that you will make a certain amount of money, or any money, or not lose money, as a result of taking part in this program.

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