Do you know why no-one buys what you have to sell?


We know, as business owners, that one of our most important tasks is to become familiar with the issues that our clients have. It’s that intersection of client issue + our talents + what we love to do, that can create a business we truly enjoy.


Yet how much time have you taken to understand the reasons that potential clients have for not working with you?


Have you heard any of these reasons before?


“I don’t have the money right now”


“I’m really overwhelmed. Is this really going to help?”


“I just need to do X, Y and Q. Then I’ll be ready to work with you.”



These are general reasons and could to apply to any type of businesses. Yet these reasons are only scratching the surface and we need to dig deeper to truly understand what is being said.


Once we really understand what our potential clients are thinking we can address those issues for them.



Address the reasons why no-one buys what you are offering


Let’s have a look at the example of a website designer.


She knows that potential clients can be reluctant to pay for a website for the following reasons:


  • They haven’t decided on their brand colours


  • Their website copy isn’t finalised


  • They don’t know where to get good stock images from


A great way for our website designer to remove these obstacles is by writing a blog post to address each of those obstacles (or having an expert write a guest post for her) . . .


What each of the primary colours say about your business


5 essential things to include in the home page of your website


10 places to find gorgeous stock images for your website


This type of blog post has the double benefit of removing an obstacle that someone may have to buying from you AND it provides information that your potential client will benefit from.


What obstacles do your clients have? What blog topics could you write about to remove those obstacles? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.


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