“ Why didn’t I think of that ?” my client said to me.


I could tell she was a little surprised (and slightly put out) that she hadn’t thought to pursue that particular angle herself.


Yet it happens to all of us. I was planning on carrying the eggs in the above photo home in a plastic bag, carefully balanced, like I’d done the last time I bought eggs in a small village in Guatemala. The shop owner had other ideas. She cut a large egg carton in half, unfurled her ball of string and created a master piece.


Whether it’s an editor pointing out a stronger ending to our story, a mentor pointing out the distracting red bin at the back of your photo, or a business strategist like me helping you to release the ideas I already know are contained in that brain of yours.


That’s the power of having that experienced, (hopefully) independent someone taking a look at your business, products and services.


They aren’t immersed in your world every day so they’re going to see what you can’t.


This is one of the main reasons that I have my own business coach. I know that she’ll bring to the fore things that I’ve only touched on lightly. When I’m talking with her I can elevate myself out of the day to day busyness of my business world to see if I’m heading in the direction that is right for me and my business.


It’s why we pass on our hard earned money to others. Because we know that by working with them we can become the best writer, photographer or business strategist that we’re capable of being, at a quicker pace.


It is important that we’re particular about the people that we surround ourselves with as taking advice from the wrong people can easily derail you at a time that you’re being vulnerable. I’ve had this happen when I worked with a new coach for a short period of time.


Look for those people who lift you up, who inspire you and who expand your thinking rather than those that make your world smaller.


How do you find those people?


Recommendations are a great place to start. Tell your circle of friends what you’re looking for – the more specific you can be the better results you’re likely to have.


Try before you buy. Take a look at someone’s social media posts and their blog posts to get a feel for who they. If they offer free mini-sessions take advantage and book in for one to see if you’d be a good fit.


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