You want to get your business organised and get systems in place BUT where do you start? How do you know which systems are right for you and your business?


You have so much going on in your business already you haven’t been able to find the time to work ON your business rather than working in it.


I’ve broken down how to decide on which systems are right for you into four steps. You could set aside an hour to work through all four steps or do one step at a time.


Step One: Do A Systems Audit

Every time I read the word “audit” I’m taken back to my University days when I studied Accounting (and Law for good measure). In my third year I studied Auditing. The class was from 8 to 10am on a Friday. It was never going to go well . . .


In our case a systems audit is a case of asking three questions:

1. What systems do I have in place?


2. Which systems are working well?


3. Which systems aren’t working well?


Remember that a system is simply a set of tasks that you do to complete a specific activity. They aren’t any more complicated than that.


You might be thinking “I’ve got nothing!” When I talk to clients who feel this way it always turns out that they do have some systems but haven’t thought of them in that way or haven’t yet written down the steps of their systems.


Some examples that you might already have are:

1. The way you write your blog posts or record your videos

2. The way you create graphics for your social media posts

3. The way that you plan out your day


Step Two: What Do You Need In Your Business?

With this question I’m not talking about the systems themselves because sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know when you start to put systems in place.


Instead think about the areas of your business where you feel that time is wasted. One of my examples was not having photos of myself in one location so when I pitched for a podcast I had to hunt around to find them each time which was frustrating. Now I have a system for storing any new profile photos in one location.


Also think about the areas of your business where you feel like you might have dropped the ball – are you taking too long to reply to emails? Are you missing out on getting testimonials because you ask for them months and months after you provided your service?


Those areas can give you a good idea of where systems could be helpful in your business.


Step Three: What Do You Repeat In Your Business?


Wherever you repeat an activity you can create a system to support that activity.


That doesn’t mean that you need a system for every activity! All you are doing here is figuring out where a system could be useful for you and your business.


You may have activities that you do . . .


Each day: posting on social media

Or each week: creating content

Or each month: reviewing your goals

Or once a year: doing your tax return


By working your way through these tips you’re creating an overview of all of the activities in your business. It may feel overwhelming as you work your way through as there are many moving parts in your business yet the benefits really pay off – less time spent on activities that are more admin than awesome, a consistently quality experience for your customers and a much more organised business.


Step Four: Which Systems Would You Love To Have?

Woo hoo! You’ve reached the final step. I know that figuring out which systems are right for you isn’t something that everyone finds easy so good on you for sticking with it.


Now for some fun!


Would systems would you LOVE to have? Maybe not a question that you’d normally ask yourself!


Think of it in this way . . . which activities would you LOVE to give to someone else to do?


Having a solid system in place for those activities will make outsourcing so much easier because you’ll be able to clearly explain what your desired outcome is and the steps that you take to get there. The person you’re outsourcing to will have fewer questions, and a greater chance of getting things done right first time, as you’ll provide them with a step by step guide.


What experience would you LOVE to create for your clients?


Perhaps you want to send your client a gift at the end of their time working with you but you never had time to find the perfect gift let alone ordering it on time. Putting in place a system for this experience could make this activity a delight for you both rather than a missed opportunity.


If you’d love to talk over which systems are right for you and your business then book in for a free Systems Assessment Call with me. Sometimes it’s easier to talk through ideas with someone more experienced with systems who can point you in the right direction.



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