Zip lining Costa Rica : The instructions were clear . . .


Dominant hand behind you, circled around the wire.

Other hand clutched around the straps in front of you.

Legs bent and crossed (to keep you side on to the wire).

To brake pull up on the wire with your dominant hand.

NEVER put your hands in front of the wire.


This was my first time zip lining and I’d chosen to do it in the cloud forests of Costa Rica.


After 3 smaller zip lines I was starting to get the hang of it and was looking forward to the big one.


I started off smiling and then realised part way through that this was a really long zip line. Long enough that I had time to think and look around and get really nervous when I started to spin around.


Bend your knees!


The spinning stopped and my confidence grew again so I looked all around me and below me. This is how birds must feel. So free.

I thought the superman style of zip lining would be easier. I didn’t need to do anything but hang out, relax and enjoy the view. I was so wrong.

I climbed to the top of the 15 meter platform to have straps altered so I could become superman.

All strapped in, dangling in the air, I waited my turn to be released.

Below me the muddy, rocky ground lay. Ahead of me tall trees rose up. Beyond the trees there was nothing but cloud. I knew that would be my point of panic, when the ground fell away and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

With no hand on the wire I had no control over my situation. I couldn’t slow down. I couldn’t adjust my position if I started to spin. I could only stop myself from completely freaking out.

Whoosh! I was off. Focusing on the trees ahead I willed myself to breath slower.

Whoosh! I was through the trees and in the cloud. 200 meters up in the air, attached to a steel wire and various straps and metal devices, for 2 kilometers.

I glanced quickly down. So high up! My eyes went straight to the horizon again.

“The trees, the trees. Look at the trees” was my mantra.

I tried again. A house, some horses, the massive trees and a moment of panic.

Half way across. I started to relax. I was going to make it!

Hmmm. How do I stop?

Stopping was automatic. Which meant that my pulley would meet the metal brake at force. My brain panicked! I need something to grip onto. My grasping fingers found the webbing straps at my side and I grabbed on.


I swung towards the platform and was grabbed by the two helpers.

I’d done it!!



What zip lining Costa Rica taught me about business


You may be wondering by this stage how fulfilling my childhood dream of flying like Superman has to do with business.


Well it taught me a few things . . .


Follow the instructions

Sometimes we are given great advice but fail to follow it. Do I really need to do that? Couldn’t I try my own way? You resist the very things that can make the biggest difference.



Be brave

You know that video is big right now but are afraid to try it. Will I look stupid? Will I sound funny? Will anyone want to listen?


Most of our fears are in our head and don’t represent reality. Be brave and try something new that you’ve been talking yourself out of.



Master your mind

When I first started my business I noticed that many experienced entrepreneurs said that mastering their mindset was critical to running their business. I didn’t really get it then. I thought that with all of my experience as a corporate lawyer to guide me that mastering my mindset couldn’t be that hard could it?


How wrong could I be!


By avoiding working on my mindset in the early stages of my business I held myself back from achieving what I was capable of.


I watched as fellow zip liners talked themselves out of doing the superman style. They simply couldn’t get their minds mastered enough to deal with the fear.


Through out the experience I was chatting to myself about how great the safety was, how awesome I would feel in the air and how satisfied I would feel having faced the challenge. These are the same thoughts that I can take into my business each and every day.


{photo credit 100% Adventura. They have the longest zip line in Latin America}

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