You’ve heard everyone talking about using a 90 Day Plan as a great way to achieve your goals but you’re not sure what they actually are. Using a 90 Day Plan isn’t a new trend as they’ve been used in the corporate world for many years with great results.


A 90 Day Plan is simply that. A plan for what you’re intending to do for the next 90 days. Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it?


To understand why using a 90 Day Plan can be useful to you we need to take a look at how the human brain works.


We humans make our annual New Year Resolutions with every intention that we’ll achieve them. Yet, one week later, 25% of us have given up on those resolutions. 25%!!


One of the main reasons that we give up is that our goals are too big for our brain to comprehend. We get caught up in the “hows”, so we don’t start taking the action that we need to.


By splitting the year into 4 manageable sections, or seasons, we’re able to:

  • work out what our focus is for each quarter, and we each month of that quarter


  • break down that focus into the specific actions we need to take to achieve our goals


  • track our progress, which is essential for keeping motivated


  • “pivot” if we find that our actions for the previous 90 Days didn’t work as expected (I always find it amusing that this phrase has become a business word as all I can picture is pivoting on a netball court!).


By using this shorter time-frame we’re not locked into a long term goal that seems too large to achieve.


If you’re interested in creating your own 90 Day Plan then book in for a 90 minute planning session with me.


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