Cuba wasn’t ever on my list of countries to visit. I knew a little of its history but that was all. It wasn’t until I began to dance salsa that I became curious about this incredible country.


I travelled to Cuba with my 30 strong dance team as a wind down after performing at the largest salsa festival in the world in Los Angeles.


I remember standing at the window of my hotel room on my first night in Havana, watching the last rays of sunshine warm up the sky. I was overawed at how beautiful the city was.


Come and explore . . .

My first sunset in Cuba


Doors of all shapes and sizes


The beauty of the buildings


Cigars and Cuba go hand in hand



Provocative street art


The city where the cars and buildings colour co-ordinate


The hardship of day to day life


From city to the sea


Cars, cars, cars!


That moment when you’ll strolling the streets and you walk right into a parade…


If you get the chance go to Cuba, take it! It’s an incredible place that is going to change rapidly in the coming years.


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