I’ve been on the road full time since May 2016 and people often ask which travel tools I use to live the way I do.


If you’re interested in the tools I use for my business while I travel read this post 11 OnlineTools I Use To Run My Business.


Let’s start with the travel question I get asked the most. . .



Where do I live?

I live in a variety of places as I travel.


When I’m based in one place for a month or more my favourite tool to use is Airbnb as it’s so simple to rent an apartment. If you’re interested in trying out Airbnb then use this link to get free travel credit. Bonus!

My AirBnB apartment in Chacarita, Buenos Aires

I also keep an eye out for apartments that I see rented in Facebook groups and that are recommended on travel blogs.


When I need a hostel or hotel for a night I use Booking.com as I find that they have a great range at good prices.


I also housesit as I travel. I find this is a fantastic way to live as a local, save money and spend time with animals.


There are numerous housesitting platforms now and I’d suggest that you search for a platform that is specific to the individual country you’re going to, as well those platforms that have sits across the globe.



How do I research where I’m going to go?


My favourite way to research is to use books. I know that’s old fashioned for some but it works for me. A cup of coffee and a book full of inspiration. Bliss.

My collection of travel books. Lonely Planet is a firm favourite.

I also find digital nomad and expat Facebook groups are a good resource for finding out what it’s like to live in a place.


Two of my favourite travel blogs that I read for inspiration are Goats On The Road and Never Ending Journey.


How do I get from place to place?

I’ve mainly been flying between countries – aside from the ferry between Buenos Aires and Uruguay, and overnight buses in Argentina.


I avoid going directly to an airline’s website and instead use a search engine like Skyscanner or Kayak to find and compare multiple sites at once.


If you can, search for your flights using a flexible criteria rather than choosing an exact day of travel. By looking at available flights across a month, or even a week, you’ll be surprised at the amount you can save.


How do I travel within a city?

I’ll use public transport wherever I can. Figuring out the local public transport in a city has become such a sign of success for me!


Find out in advance how the locals get around. Also check if they pay by cash or by another method.


In Buenos Aires you can buy a SUBE card which you can use on bus, train and underground. You simply top it up at a variety of locations and it makes travelling around the city really easy.


I recently started using Uber. I don’t use taxis much but I love this service. It’s especially good for when you find it hard making yourself understand over the phone in a different language and you’d rather put the charges on your credit card rather than paying with cash.



How do I keep in touch with friends?

Keeping in touch with friends and family back home is so important.


Skype is a great way to call people and chat face to face.


Whatsapp is a handy tool that allows you to make free calls when you’re connected to wi-fi, as well as sending free texts.


Do you know of other useful travel tools for nomadic travellers? If so, I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

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