Researching your options is great. Until, well, it’s not. When too much research becomes a playmate for our old buddy procrastination and his best friend, avoidance, you know it’s time to break free of that habit.


Are you that writer that has researched the best platforms to self-publish . . . but who hasn’t written a word?


Are you that photographer who has researched the products you want to make available to your clients; canvas, metal frames, wooden frames . . . but who doesn’t have a single photo of those products on your website?


Are you that business strategist who has researched the podcasts you want to appear on . . . but hasn’t applied to a single podcast?


That last example was me. It took a kick in the backside before I realised what I’d been doing.


I’d been kidding myself that compiling a list of potential podcasts to apply to was the same as actually applying to them. Sure it was important to listen to a couple of episodes from each podcast to make sure that they were a good fit for me but delaying sending off applications to be interviewed meant that progress towards my goal had ground to a halt.


Take a look at what you’re researching. Then take an honest look at how long you’ve been researching that topic for. How many times has that research been transferred from one weekly to do list to the next?


It’s time to stop your habit of too much research. It’s time to take action.


No matter how scary it feels. No matter how small that first step feels.


Because we all start in that place. You’re not alone in this.


What one action can you take today to move closer to your goal?

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