I was thrilled when I finished my latest contract as I was now going to have time to do all of the wonderful things I’m interested in, as well as get ready for my Big Adventure to South East Asia.

Wonderful things like performing with The Clave Collective Ladies Team

Wonderful things like performing with The Clave Collective Ladies Team

I know from having taken mini retirements in the past that it is simply lovely to have the luxury of time and to step away from the rush of the rat race. I also know that unlimited time can also become a deterrent to achieving your goals as there is always the thought that you can do it tomorrow.

I decided that I was going to do things differently for this break. A strategy session was needed!

What Will I Be Doing?

I thought about what was important for me to do while I’m away:

  1. enjoy my travel adventure. No rushing from place to place in a hurry for me. This trip I’m going to find a base for myself in 3 of the 5 countries I’m heading to and explore from there.


  1. enjoy the volunteering that I will be doing. I know it’s not going to be all puppies and smiles so it’s important that I have lots of relaxation to be able to deal with the hard parts I’ll need to face.


  1. work on my photography course. I’m doing an online photography course and it’s important to me to keep studying while I’m away. I know that new places spark my creativity so I’m looking forward to lots of practice.


  1. build my business. Being location independent and growing my business is a challenge I’m looking forward to!

My new commute to “work”

Stretching For My Goals

As part of my Strategy Session I set specific goals for each of my important areas.

In my photography course I considered:

  • How many photography modules did I want to read and do an assignment for? [one a month]
  • How long would the reading, assignments and practise take? [5-7 hours]
  • Was there a certain mark I wanted to achieve for the assignment? [at least 6/10 which was a passing grade for the course]

My goal looks like this:

“During each calendar month of my trip I will read a photography module and do the related assignment well enough to get 6/10 as a minimum!”

With this goal I also need to remind myself to go and take photos just for the fun of it! Not everything needs to be about the assignments.

Get Accountable

I’ve found that being accountable to others who have the same “go get em” mind set as me really keeps me focused on my goals.

I’m fortunate enough to already be part of a great accountability group. We write a note each Monday on what we are going to focus on that week and then report back at the end of the week. Knowing I need to report back really makes me focus on my goals!

I also have a fantastic business coach that I chat to on a monthly basis to get some one on one attention.

Life Support

Sometime life just turns to custard and it’s great to know that I have support (especially when the country you are about to travel to declares martial law!).

My main supports are:

  1. Life – Wonderful friends. You know who you are.
  2. Volunteering – My fellow volunteers who have been at the shelter on a regular basis.
  3. Photography – My tutor and fellow students on our Facebook group.
  4. Business – Facebook groups I’m part of and my business coach.

Now that I’ve arrived in Thailand, had a few days holiday and began to adjust to the heat I’m finding that I’m keen to refocus on my goals.   I’m also aware that it’s going to be tough to not be constantly distracted by exploring and long lunches!

What Are Your Thoughts?

How do you stay focused when you are working from home or a hammock? Do you struggle with motivation when you are working by yourself?

Let me know in the comments!


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