In between our morning at My Son and crunchy omelet there was an afternoon adventure… 

The heavy rain began to fall as we left so it was time to try my first Vietnamese coffee (I’d been watching my friend’s increasing addiction so far). The coffee arrives in a glass, with a decent dollop of condensed milk at the bottom and the coffee dripping in from a metal contraption above. Its a wonderful experience to slow right down and watch the coffee tantalising drip into the glass. The result? Very strong, sweet coffee! Its best stirred like crazy to combine the condensed milk and additional hot water. 

Mmmm coffee

It continued to rain so I decided that it was about time for a wet photography adventure. 

Perfect balance

Those hats now make perfect sense

Dinner was one of the best yet – fish in lemon sauce cooked in a banana leaf. 

A second fitting at the tailors, our cooking course booked for tomorrow and watching the fishermen lift their nets and I was ready for bed. 

Here fishies fishies…

No fish today

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