Two weeks ago now I have the privilege of taking place in the Sydney Latin Festival. Not only did I get the chance to perform but I also was able to watch many other performers and take workshops from some of the best in the world. Needless to say not much sleep was had!

So I was actually pretty happy when the first 3 days of my recovery holiday in Sydney were wet.

Sydney is a fantastic city with so many things to do. These were my favourite things to do when it was bucketing down outside:



I was on more of a window shopping expedition this time yet still had a lot of fun.

My favourite place was the Queen Victoria Building. A beautiful old building filled with shops on 3 levels.


Around the corner is the pedestrian only part of Pitt Street and the Westfield building. You can miss most of the raindrops by tucking and diving between the shops in this area of town.



I do like my food and I had more than enough variety on this trip! There are a couple of cafes in the middle of the ground level of the Queen Victoria Building which are great for coffee and people watching.

In the basement level there is a food court with a wide variety of food. From Vietnamese to healthy smoothies; they’ve got everything.

You can pop across to Level 6 of the Westfield Mall for less crowded dining. I had dinner at Thai Chat and was really impressed with their food. This is also an Mexican restaurant and a Max Brennan café (he of the amazing chocolate that I first discovered in New Year – the mugs are shaped like hugs).


There are many cafes around Sydney too for when the rain eases. My two favourites were:

The Goods – an organic café with fantastic smoothies, juices, salads and everything else that you need. Plus they have great coffee.

Bourke Street Bakery – a friend let me know about this place. Legendary throughout Sydney it is well worth the walk or bus trip to get to the Surrey Hills store. There are only a couple of seats inside but most of the seating is outside. The bread is heavenly, the pastries divine. Oh and did I mention the coffee???



Visit the New South Wales Art Gallery.

Obviously not taken on my rainy days!

Obviously not taken on my rainy days!


Have a massage (be careful about going too cheap as there have been news stories recently about inexperienced masseurs causing harm to bodies).


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