Bleary eyed I struggled out of bed.

I was heading to see the sunrise over Angkor Wat. This was one of those experiences that I’d been really looking forward to my entire trip. The weather has other plans as the sunrise wasn’t a glory of colour rather a quiet dawning of the day with the odd flash of lightening. I was a bit disappointed but I quickly got over that because after an hour exploring the temple the weather turned and a storm descended!!






I made it back to the tuk tuk before the rain came down. We didn’t make it to the next temple before the heavens opened. The driver jumped in the back with me to escape the rain and we happily chatted until the rain stopped. I think the rain was a blessing as I got to learn a lot from talking to my driver.

As the rain eased we made our way to Bayon. This temple is fantastic with many faces having been carved into the stone.



Whose going to tell Indiana Jones that he's at the wrong temple??

Whose going to tell Indiana Jones that he’s at the wrong temple??







If you have ever seen photos of a tree growing out of the middle of a temple, then that is Ta Prohm. The trees are impressive. They are incredibly tall and the truck isn’t actually round. It’s more like 3 or 4 flat pieces slotted together. Spectacular.










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