I arrived at Siem Reap airport in the dark; a sadness with me as I had left behind my friends in Chiang Mai; both four legged and human.

My tuk tuk driver was full of cheer as he carried my backpack through the rain that has began to descend at the airport. Aside from nearly losing a wheel in a hole that the rain had hidden, the ride into town in the warm night air had a feel of excitement to it.

I’d given myself the next day to relax and explore Siem Reap. It’s a lovely little town by the river so I’m glad that I didn’t rush off to the temples. There would be plenty of time to do that over the next two days.

I strolled down by the river and around the Royal Gardens.





I had lunch in the garden of the wonderful Peace Café and wandered around the markets.

The garden at Peace Cafe

The garden at Peace Café


I love the hugging salt and pepper shakers

I love the hugging salt and pepper shakers


It didn’t seem right to have a day in Siem Reap without visiting a temple of some sort so I headed to Wat Preah Prohm Roth.














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