Have you ever had the thrill of a potential client contacting you dulled by a string of emails going back and forth, back and forth until you can find a time to talk that suits you both? I know I have! This can be especially frustrating if you are working across time zones.

Well I’ve got a solution for you…calendar scheduling tools. These brilliant tools allow your clients to see your available times in a calendar and immediately book a time WITHOUT emailing you. I told you they were brilliant!

To help you save time I’ve compared 5 tools that I’ve used or had recommended to me by other business owners.



Calendly – This is the scheduler that I’m currently trying out. The dashboard is clean and simple. A real pleasure to use. Calendly can sync with both Google and Office 365 to make managing your day a breeze. Calendly also allows the user to see my available times converted into their time zone, which other free plans, like Acuity, don’t. This was an essential element for me as I have clients all over the globe and wanted an easy to use experience for them.


All 5 of these tools have free plans or trials, so be sure to give them a go.



ScheduleOnce – if you can get past the stock photo of a women looking WAY too happy while being on a call desk you’ll find that ScheduleOnce has similar features to Calendly or Acuity’s paid versions for less. Their pricing plans start at US$5 per month. Extra features include auto-sync with Google Calendar and customised email notifications to invitees. There is also an obvious popup prompt for clients to view your available times in their time zone (this is a handy feature as I found some of my clients missed doing this when they booked through my Calendly link).


Time Trade – this site was recommended to me but it took me awhile to find what I wanted on their website as they had so much information that it became confusing. They do more than provide scheduling so the simplicity that I liked in Acuity and Calendly was missing here. The pricing starts from US$49 a year (approx. $4 per month). Unless you need any of their extra features I’d suggest sticking with one of the simpler options. 



Calendly – the Premium version costs US$8 per month. The extra features you receive include customised email notifications and automated reminders to invitees.


Acuity – this was my second choice to try out after Calendly. They have three pricing plans that start at US$10 per month. This tool is a favourite for many people with a lot of features including your clients being able to pay you directly through the calendar. The interface looks like it would be easy to use.


Timely – this is the most expensive option on the list but I’ve included it as I like to support New Zealand businesses where I can plus the tool looks great. The pricing starts at NZ$19 per month (approx. US$13). Timely has everything you need including customised email reminders, the ability for clients to book via Facebook and taking payments from clients. This is way more than your standard scheduling tool!


What do you use to schedule appointments with your clients? These tools or something else? Let me know below.


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