San Pedro, Lake Atitlan was my home for 6 wonderful weeks. Well not my home exactly, as I was housesitting and taking care of 3 gorgeous cats.

San Pedro is a small village with a main street down by the lake, where most of the restaurants and cafes are. This is the main street in the morning, before all the tourists are out of bed . . .


There is no supermarket in San Pedro, so buying groceries means shopping at little shops (tiendas) and a trip to the local fruit and vegetables market. It was a steep 20 minute climb through the back alleyways but worth it for the great produce and the chance to practise my Spanish!


Made it! This is one of the streets that connects to the market.


The house I was looking after was a couple of minutes from the lake front. I loved being able to head out with my camera for an afternoon walk. Even though the number of paths I could take were limited, there was always something new to see . . .


No walk of mine is complete without finding an animal or two . . .



Travel Tips for San Pedro:

1. San Pedro is one of only two towns by the lake where you can get cash from ATMs. There are two ATM’s in town. One is near to the main doctor, before you reach the main intersection. The other is at nearby the local fruit and vegeable market. It’s right next to the bank.

2. Having small change is necessary as many vendors and boat operators won’t have change. When you get cash out you can ask  them to change your large 100 Q notes into smaller change. They’ll usually do 400 Q or so for you. Just ask to “cambio” (change).

3. Head along to the Ideas Connection Cafe. Not only do they have fantastic Italian bread and pain au chocolate, they sell a wide range of movies and TV series for download.

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