If you’re ready to ditch the overwhelm & build a

realistic plan that you can actually implement

RSVP to the Business Planning Fiesta

(dance shoes optional).

Did you know entrepreneurs who have a plan outperform those that don’t?


But even building the plan can be overwhelming.


That’s why I designed the Business Planning Fiesta, where overwhelmed creative entrepreneurs can create a realistic plan so they always know their next move!


During the 5 days of the FREE fiesta we’ll:

     Review 2017 so you can capture important accomplishments and remember your hard-won lessons

     Release the stories and beliefs that no longer serve you so they don’t hold you back

     Design a perfect day for your life and business so you know exactly the kind of lifestyle that you’re creating

    Set goals you actually want to achieve in 2018 (for your life AND your business)

    Work out a plan that breaks down your goals into manageable tasks so that you stay motivated


The Fiesta includes:

Workbooks to download & complete as you go

One 20 min 1:1 session with me


Let’s hear what some of last years fiesta attendees had to say:


If you’re tired of wondering what your next move is, I’ve got you covered!!


Give me 5 days and I’ll help you uncover your next move for growth in 2018.


By the end of the fiesta you’ll be clear about what worked, and what didn’t, in 2017 and you’ll have clear goals to take into the New Year and a plan for how to achieve them.



Let’s make 2018 a year to celebrate!



Hi! I’m Andrea Jordan, a business strategist for creative entrepreneurs. I want to live in a world where everyone looks forward to Mondays and living a creative life is the norm.

I’m addicted to finding simple ways to do complex things and to having fun while I’m doing it! I’m a planner by nature and I love to work with fellow entrepreneurs to wipe out business overwhelm, one action plan at a time.

I also have a serious case of wanderlust. I’ve been travelling through-out Latin America for the last year and a half, because the business I’ve created gives me the freedom to do this. So much is possible when we dream big! 



Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one

wild and precious life?


~ Mary Oliver


It’s time to get clear on your plans for 2018 and ditch the overwhelm for good.


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