The morning began with me sitting on a baloney overlooking the quiet, still river, freshly showered, with the early morning heat already infusing my face. The light rain is gently cooking the air; unusual as the rain usually falls in the afternoon. The town is already awake with sounds of scooters coming and going; always beeping to let you know they are there. The tyres sound slick on the wet road.

We are heading to the My Son ruins for half a day. I almost didn’t want to leave the town because its been so nice but it was good to get out into the countryside and see how people in the rural areas lived.

Our trusty transport

I was fully expecting a mass of tourists over running the ruins but luck was with us as although it seemed busy it was still possible to walk around and enjoy the peace of the stunning ruins.

My Son

One of the locals

A herd of tourists

Tourist herding guard dog

 Dinner at the river side night market. Wow! Who knew bean sprouts in an omlette would be this good?!  My crunchy dinner cost the princely sum of NZ1.50.

Dinner by the river

Time for one last stroll before bed…

Beautiful Hoi An

Japanese Bridge

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