There are times, like today, when I lose direction in my business. I have a list of very sensible things to; finish welcome gift, market welcome gift, update home page of website to mention I’m now a Huffington Post contributor.


Yet none of those tasks fire me up and I find my attention wandering.


As I see it I’ve got two options:


1. Focus. Hustle. Push through the distractions. Get the work DONE.


2. Take a break. Give my brain a rest. Fire up my inspiration.


These options couldn’t be more different! The first reminds me of my corporate lawyer days where hustle was all that we did. The second option is more how I live my life these days, yet there are traps and triumphs for each option.


Regardless of the type of business that you have, there will be times when you need to work hard. When you’ll need to solidly plow through the essentials tasks, even if they make you grind your teeth in boredom.


Yet no-one can keep up the grind forever. If they could then “burn-out” would never have been invented. So hustle your heart out AND take care of yourself so you can go onto hustle another day.


Stepping back and giving yourself a breather can also do wonders for you. There are reasons why we’re constantly told that time in nature is good for us. It’s a chance to reconnect to ourselves and the world around us in a different way.


Yet a trap lies hidden here. It can be easy to give ourselves so many breaks that we slow down to the point that we’ll only work if it’s easy and we love everything about it. We don’t get out of bed unless passion is involved (it’s usually the other way around!).


We have given ourselves so much freedom that we lose our drive.


It’s balance we all need. From the CEO of a Fortune 500 company to the newly fledged solopreneur.


I’d love to tell you I’ve found the right balance but that would be an exaggeration. Some weeks I’m super focused, other weeks the mere thought of opening my laptop has me heading for the door. Finding the balance that is right for you is always going to be a work in progress.


The best balance for each of us will be different. What is important is that you stop and think what it means to you:

  • If you’re the primary caregiver for your kids, maybe you’ll set up your business so you only work 1 hour a day during the school holidays
  • Maybe you’re happy working 10 hours days so long as you get onto your yoga mat 3 times a week and are Wi-Fi free on the weekend.


As I need to remind myself from time to time (in that authoritative older sister voice that chimes in),


This is your life and your business. You decide how you want it to be”.


Do you sometimes lose direction in your business? What does your balanced life look like?


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