Live your dreams. Sounds easy enough doesn’t it? Yet we are influenced by many things including other people’s stories . . .


I sat next a couple who were offering sage advice to a guy who was recently arrived in town, and to a new job free lifestyle.


“A year of travelling isn’t enough to make lasting changes” the couple explained. “We’ve had friend who travelled for a year and then went back to their normal life as if nothing had happened. You need to be gone for longer to make lasting change”.


“What a load of rubbish” I thought.


This advice irritated me in a few ways.



Other People’s Stories


Why do we force our stories, and the stories of friends, onto others as fact? It was so for us, therefore the same must be true for others.


Maybe the couple’s friends didn’t want lasting change. Maybe they simply wanted the trip of a lifetime. Those memories keeping them happy as they settled back into a normal life they’d looked forward to while on the road.


I wonder if the couple asked their friends this.



Breaking Free Of Your Routine

I don’t think it takes a year of travelling to make significant changes in your life.


Less stuff. More treasured memories. Less time inside. More time exploring outside.


I don’t even think you need to leave to make this kind of decision and stick to them.


I do think it’s easier to make these decisions when away from home. Breaking free of your routine gives your mind the space it needs to consider other possibilities. To consider if the life that has been created is that life that you still desire. Why do you think so many people start job hunting after a holiday?


BUT a relaxed coffee in a café can allow you the space you need. Have you ever read an article in a magazine that has changed your view on something or made you think “What if…?”


I know I have.


Sometimes that’s all it takes for the wheels to start turning and new ideas to start forming.



Taking Action Is Key


Holding onto that new vision when you return home can be difficult. Self-doubt can set in.


The moment needs to be seized as soon you return to disrupt the old way of being.


Too much stuff?


Physically choose a few things that are going in the bin, to charity, to a friend.


Don’t think about it later or make a list.


Action is required to rewire your brain.


Too much time inside?


Sell your TV. If that is too extreme for you then move it to a different room where turning it on isn’t so automatic.


Arrange to meet a friend at a park. Not next week. Tomorrow.


Action trumps planning.


Dump Routines That Don’t Serve You


Take a look at your routines. Which ones are serving you? What needs to be changed?


Move yourself out of your comfort zone. Walk a different way to work. Try a new café. Say yes when you would’ve said no.


Live Your Dreams


This is your life so live your dreams the way you want to. Don’t let yourself be put off course by the stories you’ve told yourself in the past or the stories of your friends.


You get to redesign your life any way you like.

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