Today I had the best food of my whole trip and I helped to make it!

 We had been keen on doing a cooking course while we were and holiday and finally settled on a class run by the Gioan Restaurant. The owner was very friendly and we got to choose 4 dishes that we wanted to cook. We decided on Fried Spring Rolls, Pho, Chilli and Lemongrass Squid and Fish in Banana Leaf.   




Our wonderful chef

Chefs in the making

“see you do it just like this…”

Chop chop!

Nimble fingers required

Bubble bubble toil and trouble…

Chilli and lemongrass squid

The perfect spring roll


Fish in banana leaf – my favourite

Oh where did it all go??

  Best tip of the day was to squeeze the juice out of the ingredients for the spring rolls as it makes them that much crunchier. The vegetables juice was then used in the broth for the pho. 



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