One of the must see tourist attractions in Luang Prabang is the Kuang Si National Protected Area and its waterfalls. I’m so glad I went as they were stunning.

The journey passed through the countryside so I got a glimpse of life outside Luang Prabang.

Not far from the entrance is the Free The Bears Rescue Centre. Free The Bears has been working to end the exploitation of bears in SE Asia since 1997. They’ve established forest sanctuaries in Cambodia and Laos to house rescued bears. How great is that?!

I haven’t seen many bears so this was a treat for me; especially as you know they are leaving happy lives after such bad starts.


I then wandered happily through the forest beside the river. There are many little falls along the way but the best is at the end.




I tried climbing to the top of the waterfall and got most of the way up. When it started to go also most vertical I decided it wasn’t a great idea with the shoes I had on and the bag I carrying (if you made it to the top let me now!).

I recovered with a pain au chocolat at the cafe (sooo good) then found out just how cold the water was. The two local boys already in the water had a good giggle at my expressions as I eased into the cloudy water.

Travel Tips

  1. You can get to the waterfalls by tuk tuk (if you have a group) or by minivan if you join one of the many tours (55,000 kip). The trip takes about an hour.
  2. There is an entrance fee of 20,000 kip.
  3. There is a café in the park but as you’d expect the prices are high. The food stalls at the entrance sell basic food. You can buy a baguette from town and have a picnic lunch.

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