Guatemala is an incredible place and I’m so glad that my adventures have bought me here. I was lucky enough to petsit in San Pedro Lake Atitlan, Guatemala for 6 weeks.

Buddha (in the white), Andy (the shyest) and Pongo are my new companions. They make me laugh every day with their antics!



My new backyard is full of many critters; like the toads that visit on wet mornings and the monarch caterpillars that are demolishing the swan plant.

I was really excited to see a humming bird fly over the other day – I’ve never seen one before! Far too quick for me to photograph.


I’ve also had a close encounter with bats as one got inside while I was asleep and I came downstairs in the morning to find him doing loops around the ceiling. I have no experience with bats so I had a moment of panic about how to get him out (the cats were looking WAY too interested in him) but his trusty radar helped him find the open door.


After dinner one night I came back to find a possum exploring my back yard. He was an interesting fellow – very different to the possums back in New Zealand – and didn’t seem fussed to be sharing my back yard. I suspect the possum wanted to get into my salad garden to have a tasty snack.


The large green fruit in the pot are lemons – hard to believe right?! They taste pretty similar to the small yellow lemons I’m used to but look a bit different on the inside.




This is my home in San Pedro Lake Atitlan.

I work from the balcony on the second floor and occasionally swing out new ideas in the hammock. Every home should have one!


If you have any questions about visiting or living in San Pedro, let me know in the comments below.

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