Every now and then I learn something handy on the tech front that I like to share.

Recently I wanted to schedule a newsletter in Aweber to be emailed at a later day. While this is nice and easy to do I needed to figure out how to insert a hyperlink within that newsletter to blog posts that I had scheduled. It turned out that this is very easy to do.

Below is a screen shot of one of my scheduled posts as it looks in the WordPress dashboard. If you look below the title of the post you will see in dark gray the word “Permalink”. This is short hand for Permanent Link. This is a url that points to a specific web page, in this case my scheduled blog post.


The easiest thing to do is click on the “Get Shortlink” button that is just under the Permalink. A new screen appears with a shorter url as you can see in the screen shot below. Copy and paste that link to where you want to refer to your scheduled post and you are done. Easy!

If you didn’t want a shortened url for some reason then you can use a slightly longer method by highlighting then copying the permalink itself. You need to do this in two stages as if you try and highlight the entire url you will be copying the “…” that is contained in the version you see on screen which wouldn’t actually lead anywhere as the “…” are just placeholders.

So with my example you would highlight then copy and paste “https://learndiscoverbefree.com/2014/08/21/”. You would then click on “kuang-si-waterfalls-watch-out-for-the-bears”, which causes the wording to change and expand then highlight, and copy and paste just that section. Viola! You have the full url. If you look closely at the second part you will see that it is highlighted with a different colour. If you want to edit the permalink this is the only part that you can change.


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