We business owners have a lot going on in our brains. Writing our weekly blog post, recording that video series, doing our books, welcoming in new clients, doing the client work, remembering to eat lunch…


Do you want to know how to run your business without having to carry 35,000 pieces of information in your brain every day?


“It’s all in my head” I hear you say. “Why can’t I keep going that way? It’s kind of working.” That approach might work today but what happens when you double the number of clients you have? Would your business, and your brain, cope?


We need to ensure that we set up our business to grow with us, and not be a road block to our growth. It’s time get your business out of your brain.


Take One Large Sheet Of Paper

I often tell my clients to get a large sheet of paper and write out all of the pieces of their business on it.


They often resist. “I know all the details, why do I need to write it down?”


It’s one thing having all of the details crammed into your brain; it’s another thing entirely to see it all in front of you. There is no hiding when it’s all there in black and white.


I’ve had one client realise that they’d gotten distracted by what their clients demanded and now had eight different offerings; which was exhausting to keep up with. Another client gained clarity about the future direction of their business; all by putting pen to paper.


Another realised that they were doing the work of two people! There were so many elements to their business that they were overwhelmed with the business of being in business.


Taking the time to get your business out of your brain can provide unexpected benefits.


Time To Streamline

If you’ve had clients messaging you to ask “where is that thing you promised me?” more than three times in the last month, you need to streamline how you work and start to systemise your business.


By writing out all of the elements of your business you can stand back and look for opportunities to streamline the way you work and to look for systems that can be created or improved.


We need to keep an eye on the big picture of our business; otherwise the everyday detail can take over and knock us off our path.


What Next?

If you’re finding that things are starting to go wrong (why do you keep forgetting you have client appointments?) then you know it’s time to take notice. If you’ve missed more than three appointments in the last month you need to take action.


What you have been doing is not going to serve you going forward.


If you can see that foundations of your business need to be improved then book in a free virtual coffee with me to talk over what you want to achieve with your business, what stage your systems are at and how I can support you.


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