Lago Atitlan (Lake Atitlan) is my idea of travelling heaven. A stunning lake that is warm enough to swim in, a majestic volcano with it’s crown of clouds, friendly people and wonderful cafes to spend time in.


My first 6 weeks at Lago Atitlan were spent pet sitting 3 bi-lingual cats in the village of San Pedro. From there I took a boat across the lake to Pasajcap – a stunning collection of lofts and cottages 15 minutes walk from the nearest village, San Marcos.


The walk from Pasajcap was along a dirt road, that twisted and wound it’s way between hills on one side and a stunning view on the other side.

I have a fascination with doors and gate so would pause admire any along the way. I think its the durability of them that appeals to me and I’m always curious about what lies beyond . . .

San Marcos is a small and quiet village, known to travellers as the “Hippie Village” due to the number of yoga and meditation classes available.


The main meeting point is the basketball court by the park. From there, tiny paths twist their way down to the foreshore.

My favourite café was the Circles Café (they’re also a hostel if you’re looking for a place to stay). The café is outside under shade cloth and surrounded by plants. They also have two resident dogs for you to say hi too.


The coffee here was the best that I had in Guatemala. They even had flat whites! An extra special treat for a travelling kiwi. Their food was also consistently good and the staff friendly. They speak English too if you are new to speaking Spanish.

Travel Tips:



  • Always make sure you have small notes. Some places won’t be able to change a 100Q note. You can change money at the banks in San Pedro or Panajachel and most of the tiendas will be able to change notes once you’ve purchased something.

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