Wiping out information overwhelm, one unread freebie at a time


Is your organising strategy to lump all of your downloads and screenshots into one folder then not know what they are because they have titles like “Screenshot 2324”?


Do you attempt to declutter and organise your photos only to find that it’s so stressful that you give up until the next time you can’t find the image that you want?


Do you declutter your computer only to be left with a desktop full of screenshots a month later?


When the clutter takes over we can feel like we’re operating at less than our best AND letting our clients down because it takes us ages to find what we need in the mess of files and emails.


Let’s change that


Having my digital files unorganized was driving me crazy.  It was one of those items on my task list that I kept rescheduling because it was so overwhelming.  As soon as I signed up for a session with Andrea something shifted in me and I was able to get started with deleting stuff.  During our 90 minutes, she helped me figure out a structure for organizing my files.  The time flew by as we created folders, moved and deleted files.  I love how easy it is to find any of my digital files.

NJ Shelsby

Thanks Andrea Jordan for our session to organise my files. It’s really made logical sense of all my business files and feels sooo much better. Can’t thank you enough.

Dianne Wallyn

Thank you Andrea for helping me get my files sorted. You are an organisational genius! I was ashamed of the mess my files were in but you didn’t judge it, and helped me set up a filing system that actually works for me. Knowing where everything is, not having to scramble, and knowing where to save new things has made a surprisingly big difference to my mental wellbeing this week. One area of chaos is now gone and it feels amazing. Thank you!

Leonie Gough

A beautiful session with the wonderful Andrea Jordan to get my files sorted and those basics handled. Still much more work to be done but I’m on the way!

Claire Kerslake

It’s time to beat back the clutter and have your business running as smoothly as silk so that you can get back to focusing on the work that you do best.


During our 1:1 session:


  • We’ll start by looking at where your clutter is worst (everyone is different) then prioritise which areas to tackle on our call.


  • We’ll work through your digital clutter (that old thing? Out it goes!) and leave you feeling lighter and calmer knowing that you have your digital life just the way you want it.


Our time together won’t only be about decluttering (although that is a lot of fun!), we’ll also create simple systems for you to use in your business to ensure that the clutter doesn’t return.


Our session will last for 60 minutes and take place on Zoom.


By the end of our session you’ll be able to easily find the information that you need and once again feel in control of your business (and not the other way around).

Your investment


Ready to ditch the digital clutter for good?

Hi. I’m Andrea Jordan and I’m addicted to finding simple ways to do complex things.

It’s my mission to make doing business simple so that you can concentrate on doing what you love.

I have a serious case of wanderlust. I’ve travelled to over 50 countries and all 7 continents (yet I’ll always be a Kiwi at heart). I’m so grateful that the business I’ve created gives me the freedom to do this. So much is possible when we dream big!

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