There are a LOT of temples at Angkor Wat; too many for me to see in one day. On my first day I hired a tuk-tuk to take me to some of the main temples. Today, I hired a bike and spent a leisurely day cycling around the Grand Tour (this is the longer way around the temples).


Sras Srang

The temple here was only the base. Standing on the base gave me a fantastic view over the lake.



East Mebon




Ta Som




A beautiful lizard posed for me

A beautiful lizard posed for me


 Neak Pean

I nearly didn’t go to this temple because the thunder was starting to trumpet. I decided to take the risk and I’m glad I did. You walk across a wooden walk way built across a lake. The temple is on an island in the middle of the lake.





Preah Khan








Leaving Angkor Wat

Leaving Angkor Wat

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