Do you have a blog for the right reason? Beside from everyone telling you that you “should” that is!


A blog can be a wonderful tool to grow your business with BUT unless you’ve stopped and considered the purpose of your blog then you could be wasting a lot of your time.


Writing a post, week by week, on whatever topic comes to mind might be fun but it’s not a great strategy for growing a business.


So let’s take the time to get focused . . .



1. What is your number one business goal for your blog?

Knowing your business goal for your blog will make writing your posts that much easier as you’ll know what you’re trying to achieve with each post.


Do you want to:


Sell your products or services?


Encourage an engaged community on social media?


Get lots of comments on your blog posts?


Grow your list?



You may well want to do all four! It’s important to choose one focus to get started on otherwise you’ll be back to a scattered approach to your blog.


2. Create a plan to support your goal

Say goodbye to panic writing each week and say hello to the big picture!


Let’s say that your main goal is to grow your list.


In order for people to give you their name and email address you need to provide a worthwhile incentive for them.


If you take a look at the top of the sidebar of this blog you’ll see that my incentive is a step by step guide to easily create blog post ideas. By talking to fellow business owners it became clear that constantly coming up with ideas for their blog posts was something that they would like guidance on.


Once you have a clear goal you can ensure that each blog post is tailored towards providing such great value to your readers that signing up for your incentive is a no-brainer.


3. Editorial calendar

Once you have a goal, and a plan to support that goal, then it’s time to break that plan up into workable chunks.


By setting all your blog post ideas out in one place you’ll have a clear overview of when and what you are posting.


This is called your editorial calendar (I prefer to call it My Storyboard of Awesome but each to their own . . .).


You can use an app for your calendar, a spreadsheet or a handwritten diary to keep track of your blog posts. I like to use a spreadsheet.


While you are mapping out the content for your calendar do think about any specific events that you have planned for the year as you can build those into your blogging plan too . . .


Are you going to be interviewed on a podcast?


Are you launching a new product?


Are you speaking at a conference?


Is your new book coming out?



Each of these events is something that you can write about to ensure that they are getting the attention needed to take you one step closer to your goal.


If you’re struggling to come up with ideas for your blog posts then use the FREE workbook that I created to take you through a simple 3 step method for easily generating ideas.

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