It sounded so simple, “Do more of the things that you love”. This was the advice of my business coach when I mentioned that I was having doubts about the direction of my business. 

My initial reaction was strong resistance. My logical brain wanted to take action on my business not be distracted by just doing things I liked! I wanted to know HOW I was going to figure this out. I mean how was a walk by the river with the dogs going to give me business clarity? 

Yet I’m ever the diligent one so I followed the advice I’d been given, even thought I had my doubts that anything useful would come of it.


I ate breakfast outside in the leafy garden. I played with the two adorable boxer dogs I was caring for. I squeezed grapefruit fresh off the tree. I had an afternoon nap on a wooden bench piled high with comfy cushions. I watered the vegetable garden and created meals from the produce I found there. I picked eggplants from the bush – I’d never seen them growing before.

I drove two very excited dogs down to the river for a beautiful walk and captured their antics (which made me laugh out loud!) with 100s of photos. I wrote. I read a favourite book. I scratched the dogs stomachs when they rolled on their backs and looked at me imploringly. I watched episodes of Battlestar Galactica and lost myself in another world, while stroking the fur of two dogs who’d fallen asleep with their heads on my lap (not sci-fi fans obviously).



In other words, I got a life and gave myself a glimpse into the kind of life that I’d ultimately love to have. 

During those days I found moments of pure contentment that had been missing when self-doubt and worry were taking up so much space. I found the joy of being me again.

I’m a sharer by nature so I shared my photos and a list of my favourite things each day on my Facebook page. 

I left indecision behind and made a major decision that has been on my mind for months. I felt more excited about the future than I had done since coming back to New Zealand last year. I found exciting idea seeds. I gave them water and sunshine to grow. I let go of the need to examine them too closely or to dig them up to see if their roots were strong yet.  

This all happened because I changed my focus from an incessant, “yes, but HOW and WHEN” to a softer Who and Why. 

Sometimes we become so tied up in being busy and achieving this thing and then that thing that we forget to stop and just be. We lose connection with ourselves and fixate on what others are doing and thinking. When asked “what is your gut telling you?” we are so far removed from our instinct that our heads butts in so that our only answer is a panicked “I don’t know!” 

I wonder, are you living a life that you love?




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