Last night I was asked a question that stopped me in my tracks.


“What would happen if you were a little bit braver?”


What a question it was! I knew right away that it had touched something in me that I needed to explore and share with you.


For a while now, there has been a voice taking shape in the back of my mind. She’s a supportive character who occasionally appears, with a hint of a smile, when I’m annoyed because I didn’t make the time for something that I wanted to do.


She shows a soothing side when I get jealous of someone else’s business, pretty website or choice of apartment.


Her voice has been quietly whispering that I’m playing it safe, that I’m keeping myself small and that there was more out there for me if I was prepared to be a little braver.


If you know anything about me you might think it strange that I feel that I could be braver. After all I’ve performed on stage in Los Angeles at the world’s largest salsa festival with the rest of my salsa team, I’ve left the corporate world to set up my own business and I’m travelling solo throughout Latin America (with my business in my backpack).


While all of these things have needed me to be brave, it’s still possible to slip into a safe comfort zone while carrying your life on your back!


I found myself questioning what could I (and you) do if we ignored the fears, the doubts and the notion that we aren’t somehow good enough.


How would your business be affected?


How different would your life look?


What could you make happen if you were braver this month?  Would you:


  • Write your first blog post?


  • Launch that online course that had been sitting on your laptop for 6 months?


  • Make a solid plan to travel to that destination that you dreamed of?


  • Submit your photos to your favourite magazine for publication?


  • Pitch a guest post?


  • Write the first sentence of your first book?


What would you stop avoiding if you were feeling brave?


Who would you reach out to?


I encourage you to join me in taking some time to consider this question . . .


What could you achieve if you were a little braver this month?


Let me know in the comments below what you would do if you were a little bit braver? I’d love to know.

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