An on boarding system can sound quite dry and not connected to your future clients at all. Yet at the heart of this system is your client.


The obvious benefit of having a smoothly operating on boarding system (or as I like to call it, a Welcome System) is that your client can easily pay and arrange their session with you. All of the admin boxes are ticked and you now have a Client.


Yet there is far more to this system. These are the others ways that a well thought through on boarding system can delight your new client . . . 


8 unexpected delights


1. Your personal connection with your clients goes up (even when you’re using templated emails and automation), as you’ll have extra time and space to go that extra step for them


2. Your clients don’t need to wait to get a link to book in with you as you’ve set that up to be automatically sent to them.


3. Clients can check your availability when it suits them, regardless of your regular office hours as you’ve set everything up in advance for them


4. You can show your clients that you really understand them e.g. the experience of someone booking in to get their website designed vs someone booking in to talk to a relationship coach will be quite different. Knowing their journey will help you set up a great welcome system.


5. You create trust before you’ve even started to work together by thinking about their needs ahead of time


6. You can craft a thank you, and follow up sequence, to give new clients confidence. There is nothing worse than buying from someone on line and then hearing crickets or then having to follow up with them to see what happens next. Buyer’s remorse can kick in really quickly – did they get my payment? Did I make the right decision?


7. You can create a consistently great experience for every client no matter how busy you are


8. Your time and energy is freed you up so you can be more creative (within the system and within your business) and still check all the boxes to bring that client on board.



Instead of a dry and boring piece of admin, you’re able to create a system that delights your clients with a welcome experience they’ll want to tell their friends about.


Do you have an onboarding system? Let me know in the comments below.


If you’re like to put this system in place then pop on over to the (virtual) Systems Café and book in a one hour Welcome Clients session with me. We’ll create what you need to make delighting your clients easy.


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