Have you heard of a dream jar? I was introduced to the concept by Carrie Green, founder of The Female Entrepreneur Association. She uses her dream jar to get specific, and focus, on her goals.


The idea is that you write down all of your dreams and goals on a piece of paper, leaving space in between. You then cut out each strip with a dream on it, fold it up and pop it in the jar of your choice.


My dream jar is a purse I bought from a craftswoman in Guatemala because jars don’t travel well in backpacks…

The next stage can be a bit woo woo for some. Bear with me if you’re a practically minded person like me.


At least once a day pluck one of your dreams from the jar. Read the dream, close your eyes and spend time visualising every part of that dream.


Now, if you’re practically minded, you might ask if this law of attraction stuff really works.


Here’s what I think . . .Yes. And No.


It’s a yes because . . .


  • The process gets you focused on your goals and your dreams. I believe that what you focus on grows.


  • You soon know if the dream you’ve chosen isn’t right for you. I had this happen when I was doing a visualisation around what success looks like for me.


My thoughts going into the visualisation were that it would all be about a gallery opening for my photos or winning a business prize but every time I pictured a home. Light and spacious. Floor to ceiling windows down the left side, with a view out to a wide lawn. A long table filled most of my vision. It was covered with a project – photos and words. Surrounding the table were friends, chatting, happy and all helping me with the project.


  • If it’s good enough for successful athletes then it’s good enough me. Many world class athletes use visualisation to prepare for a match. They picture every detail of the match, seeing how they will overcome their opponents’ strengths and their own weaknesses to win.



It’s a no because visualizing by itself isn’t enough. If all that those athletes ever did was sit on the sofa, eating junk food and visualising their wins, they’d never make it.


They need to take action too!! Every single day.


Do you use visualisation as part of your success strategy? I’d love to hear about your results in the comment section below.



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