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You’ve got a million things going on in your business. It’s exciting, it’s wonderful.


It’s downright frustrating!


All of those ideas you want to bring to life yet you’re spinning your wheels as you can’t find the time to dedicate to them, let alone outsource what you need to.


Why isn’t there enough time in the day to Do. All. The. Things?


Put down those frustrations and worries and pull up a chair. Let’s chat about organising and simplifying your business so you can concentrate on achieving your business’ full potential.

Hi. I’m Andrea Jordan.

I’m a free-spirited business strategist; writer and photographer who helps ideas people run their business, with less stress, by organising and systemising their business.

In my past life I was a corporate lawyer for 17 years, handling multi-million pounds deals in London and helping our Government run smoothly back in New Zealand.  During those years I created numerous templates and processes to get the work done more quickly and efficiently.

Now my focus is to ensure that your business is operating to it’s full potential and you’re not held back by limiting systems (or no systems at all!). Let me show you how.

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Do you feel disorganised in your business, like you’re wasting a ton of time, but doing All The Things is more important than spending time figuring out the back end of your business? Click HERE to learn more.

You know you need to get systems in place as you want a solid foundation for your business to grow on but, you don’t have time to do it all yourself.                                                      Click HERE to learn how I can help.

Lastest blog posts

5 powerful advantages to having organised digital files

5 powerful advantages to having organised digital files

Do you have organised digital files or are they out of control? You know the information is there . . . somewhere! Spread across Dropbox, Google Drive and a couple of laptops, it’s becoming harder and harder to find what you need.


You know that working this way is taking up far too much of your time. The obvious benefit to having organised files is that you save time because you can now easily find the information that you need.


Yet there are many unexpected advantages to having organised digital files . . .



Why I love having organised digital files


1. Create a better client experience as the information you want to share with your clients is right at your fingertips


2. Look forward to opening your laptop. If you’re regularly cringing at the sight of your unorganised files then having organised (colour coded!) folders and files makes your work day so much more enjoyable.


3. See the lovely photo that is on your desktop, as it will no longer be buried under files icons.


4. All files have a natural home. No more having orphan files that you store on your desktop because you know they’re important but you have no-where else to put them.


5. Identify your problem areas and deal with them once. Desktops, downloads and screenshosts ar the three problem areas that I see all of the time with my clients. By taking time to set up a system to have organised digital files means you can say goodbye to those problem areas for good.


Do you have organised digital files or is your laptop groaning at the seams with all of the information that you have?


If you’re like to be so well organised that you’ll want to show your files to all of your friends, then book in a one hour session with me in the (virtual) Systems Café. We’ll have your files colour coded before you know it!


7 unexpected benefits of a content creation and promotion system

7 unexpected benefits of a content creation and promotion system

Do you have a content creation and promotion system? Or are you more of a “create when you fancy it” kind of person?


Content can feel like you’re on a rollercoaster. One week you posting every day and it’s wonderful, the next week… nothing. Constantly creating content and not actually getting anywhere.


The obvious benefit to a great content system is that you can easily create and share content that resonates with your audience, in a way that doesn’t take up too much of your time.


Yet there are many unexpected benefits to a great content system . . .



Extra benefits of a content creation and promotion system

 1.  Relief at realising how easy it can be to create interesting stories, tips etc. No more staring at a blank screen, watching the cursor blinking


2. The realisation that you don’t need to be a hamster on the content creation wheel. That one blog post can be used in a number of ways


3.  Planning means you can be more creative not less creative, as the energy you’ve used for that last minute panic writing can now be used to create a work flow that explodes with ideas


4.  Consistency becomes easy. Now it’s not only about always posting an offer at 2pm on a Tuesday. It’s also about keeping your businesses message on track so you don’t confuse people with who you are, and what you offer


5.  Your brand values shine through in your content. When you take the time to plan you can weave your values into your content. One of my brand values is Simplicity – I have a blog template that I created which means that any temptation to tell my readers All Of The Things is restrained.


6.  You can split the elements of your content system into left and right brain activities. The right, planning and creation, are for you to do. The left, production, publishing and promotion, can be outsourced when you’re ready.


7.  Your uniqueness and brilliance shines forth. I have complete faith that my clients are interesting people; even if they don’t think so themselves. By asking them a few simple questions during our content system sessions I’ve discovered:


One client created a sculpture garden entirely out of edible plants (how creative is that!)


Another client is in a chorus (how talented is she!)


We then wove those interesting facts into their content so that their readers can get to know the person behind the business.


We can be shy about sharing the things that we’re passionate about yet I love to know them and so will your potential clients. My personals posts on my FB page always get the most comments. They’re a great way for me to find out more about my people too as I ask them questions about their interests.


There is a reason that About pages are the second most visited pages on websites (after your home page) because we’re curious about each other and we want to do business with a person we can connect to.


Do you have a content system in place? Let me know in the comments below.


If you’re like to have your own content creation and promotion system then come and visit the (virtual) Systems Café and book in a one hour Content System session with me. We’ll create a system that unleashes your creativity.

How to work from home – my best tools

How to work from home – my best tools

I work from home. I’ve been doing this for over five years. During that time I’ve tested out a number of different tools to support my business and wanted to share my best tools with you.


1. Zoom

Have video calls with your clients. This tool is great for 1:1 calls, group calls or to run online training. You can easily record the calls, and share your screen.



2. Krisp

This is a noise cancelling app that cuts out background noise. Perfect for when your neighbours are doing DIY, the dog is barking or the kids are singing Let It Go for the 15th time. You can do a free trial plus they’ve just released a free version.


3. HelloSign

Need to have your clients sign a contract but there is no printer or scanner handy? HelloSign is a digital platform that allows you to upload contracts and send them to your clients to be signed digitally. They have a free version (3 contracts in a month) if you want to try it out.


4. Calendly

An online appointment scheduler is a life saver and one of the best investments I’ve made in my business. This tool save so much time as there is no need to play email tennis with your clients.

They simply access your calendar, via a link you provide, and book in a time that suits them.

I like Calendly as it syncs with my Google Calendar, so there are no double bookings. Also, my clients can select the time zone that they’re in so they see the available times in their time zone (not mine!).

Calendly allows me to send out reminder emails to my clients so there is less risk of people forgetting their appointments. I can also set buffers around my appointments so I have time to tidy up my notes, and take a breather, between calls.


5. Google Docs

A simple way to share, and work together, on documents. No more endless emails sharing documents.

I use Google Docs to store the workflows, standard operating procedures and templates that I create for my clients. It’s easy to set up folders (you can make them different colours!) to store the documents in a shared drive that your client can access.


6. Canva

Canva is my go to when I want to create an image for blog posts or social media.  It’s quick and easy to use. I created templates for the various content I share to make my workflows flow smoothly and save myself time.


If you want to buy stock images, fonts, vectors or graphics then head to Creative Market. Beware! They have so much awesome stuff there that you can lose time very easy.


7. Asana

Asana is a project management tool that allows you (and your team) to manage your tasks. They have a list and a board option to suit your style.

I use Asana for my:

  • Follow up system. By setting up templates I created a simple system that makes following up easy


  • Client on boarding system. My templates contain all of the information that I need to collect for a new client so I don’t need to recreate what I need each time. This is a real time saver!


  • Client management. My templates mean I can easily keep track of each client’s goals and progress.

You can also use Asana to plan out your content.


Do you have favourite tools to work from home? Let me know in the comments below.


How do you choose the right tools for your business? What is right for me, might not be right for you. Read “How to choose the right online tools for your business”, where I give you the basis for the way that I chose which tools were right for me.


If you’d love to streamline your business with systems and tools that suit you then then pop on over to the (virtual) Systems Café and book in a one hour Systems Audit session with me. I’ll guide you through the different areas of your business so you’ll have clarity on your next steps.



Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means if you sign up via my link I may receive a small reward. You don’t pay any extra.




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I’m Andrea, and I travel the world while running my business.

I work as a business strategist and help ideas people get more done, with less stress, by organising and systemising their business.

Because we all deserve to live an extraordinary life.

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