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You’ve got a million things going on in your business. It’s exciting, it’s wonderful.


It’s downright frustrating!


All of those ideas you want to bring to life yet you’re spinning your wheels as you can’t find the time to dedicate to them, let alone outsource what you need to.


Why isn’t there enough time in the day to Do. All. The. Things?


Put down those frustrations and worries and pull up a chair. Let’s chat about organising and simplifying your business so you can concentrate on achieving your business’ full potential.

Hi. I’m Andrea Jordan.

I’m a free-spirited business strategist; writer and photographer who helps ideas people run their business, with less stress, by organising and systemising their business.

In my past life I was a corporate lawyer for 17 years, handling multi-million pounds deals in London and helping our Government run smoothly back in New Zealand.  During those years I created numerous templates and processes to get the work done more quickly and efficiently.

Now my focus is to ensure that your business is operating to it’s full potential and you’re not held back by limiting systems (or no systems at all!). Let me show you how.

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Do you feel disorganised in your business, like you’re wasting a ton of time, but doing All The Things is more important than spending time figuring out the back end of your business? Click HERE to learn more.

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Lastest blog posts

3 Steps to Easily Come Up With Content  Ideas That Resonate

3 Steps to Easily Come Up With Content Ideas That Resonate

Do you struggle to be consistent with your content? You either have so many content ideas that you don’t know where to start or you’ve got no ideas at all!

In this video I break down this often overwhelming area into my three “Ts” – Theme, Topic and Talking Points and give examples for each one.

Content is a great way to connect with our ideal clients and to provide them with great value.


By breaking down this often overwhelming area it becomes much easier to create content that people actually want to read.


Let me know in the comments below what your content themes could be.

How to get more done in less hours

How to get more done in less hours

As business owners we’re in control of our days. This is exciting (hello Netflix afternoons!) yet it’s also the cause of a lot of overwhelm. How do I get All Of The Things done? Let’s look at how you can get more done in less hours.


If you sit down at your laptop in the morning with no clear plan of what you’ll be working on, you’re going to come unstuck very quickly.


Managing our time becomes even more important when we have other priorities to balance – a part time job, picking the kids up from school.


Let’s become the manager of our time.


Step 1: Write out your tasks for tomorrow, today.


Before you finish work for the day make sure you know exactly what you’ll be doing when you open your laptop tomorrow morning.


I like to take time on a Monday morning to set out my tasks for the week so I know where my priorities are and if it looks like I’m trying to cram too many things into my week (I’m a recovering workaholic!).


I type my tasks into a spreadsheet so I have an easy place to review what I’ve done. You could use a spreadsheet or Asana or a physical planner – whatever suits you best.


You could also do your list on Friday afternoons or at the end of each day. Try out different ways until you find the right fit for you.


By planning for tomorrow, today, you’ll save yourself time as you’ll no longer need half an hour to get started in the mornings while you figure out what to do. You’ll have a clear plan and can dive in straight away.


Step 2: Know thyself


You’ve got a list of what you want to work on today. Great! But then you get distracted . . .  “I’ll just take a quick look at FB to ease myself into the day.” An hour later you’re still there, procrastascrolling.


We’re all different in the way we work, some are morning larks, some are night owls. It’s up to you to get to know when you have the most energy in your day AND to know your weaknesses when it comes to managing your day.


The brutal fact is that no-one else is going to get the essential work done, it’s up to you.


So make sure you have some tricks up your sleeve for when you lose focus – use Pomodoros to get jobs done quickly or use coffee as a reward when you’ve finished a task. Find a work flow that works for you.


Step 3: Give yourself a break


We’re not robots who were designed to work all the hours of a day. I was reading an article that confirmed when we humans work more than 40 hours a week our mental focus drops dramatically.


If you have a day when your focus is off don’t beat yourself up, that’s not going to help anyone. Give yourself a break – go for a walk, do some tasks that don’t need much brain function.


Do keep an eye on this lack of focus if you find you consistently have days like this as it’s a huge flashing sign that something is out of kilter.


Step 4: Review and improve


Having a system in place so you can set your tasks then review what worked, and what didn’t, means that you’re intentionally building your business rather than letting it happen by accident.


I do a short review at the end of each day to see I achieved and what is left to do for the week. Did a task take longer than I thought? Did I run into any roadblocks? Do I need to adjust the rest of my week? What am I always repeating? How could I streamline that task or make it easier and quicker for myself?


By being intentional with our days we find ways to easily get more done in less hours


Bonus Tip: Dealing With Time Leakage

If you’re finding that time is leaking from your business and you don’t know where it goes then track your time for two weeks. Two weeks!! I can feel your resistance already but here’s the thing, if you keep doing what you’ve always done then nothing is going to change, nothing is going to get better.


Imagine after two weeks you knew EXACTLY where you were losing time and could fix it easily. Wouldn’t that be worth the effort of tracking your time?


You can track your time using Toggl – a free time tracking tool that allows you to enter time manually or set a clock running. You could also track your time on paper, simply make sure that you’re being specific so you can see exactly where your time is going.


Are you a business owner who is feeling overwhelmed about how many things you need to do behind the scenes to run your business? Book a 1:1 session with me for just US$97 and let’s get your business working the easy way.


How to easily answer more emails and spend less time in your inbox

How to easily answer more emails and spend less time in your inbox

Emails are a fantastic way to keep in touch and they’re also a source of aggravation for us. Why are there 127 emails in your inbox when it was empty when you closed up last night?! Let’s look at how to easily answer more emails and spend less time in your inbox.

No more being reactive and allowing junk to creep into our inboxes!

In this article I’ll share 5 steps to easily answer more emails and spend less time in your inbox.

Step 1: Delete

Take 30 minutes to delete and unsubscribe from emails you don’t need. I challenged myself to unsubscribe from 80% of the people I follow and what a difference that made! Now I only receive emails that I can’t wait to open. If that sounds like too much then start with 20% and take back control in small pieces.

Remember you can always sign up again if you decide you still want to hear from that person.Put a reminder in your diary to do this once a month so the numbers don’t creep up again.

Step 2: Allocate time in your diary to check your emails

I have a daily 30 minute appointment in my diary. Avoid doing this first thing in the morning as it stops you allowing those emails to decide what you’ll spend time on that day.

You might need two 30 minute appointments if you get a lot of emails. Experiment to see what works for you. The important thing to remember is that you’re in control of when you read your emails.

Step 3: Open an email only once

This is a tip I was taught years ago – it’s simple yet it can take some getting used to. The idea is that you open an email once, deal with it then file it.

Have a look at the emails in your inbox – how many times have you already opened those emails?

“Oh, that email title sounds good. I’ll just take a peek. It’s too long to read now I’ll come back to it later…”

“Oh there is the email I was expecting from Marsha. Hmmm I don’t really have time to read this now as I’m meant to be writing a blog post. I’ll come back to it later…”

Each time we do this we’re filling up our brains with extra information but not actioning anything! This adds to our feeling of overwhelm so watch your behaviour when it comes to opening the same email multiple times.


Step 4: Looks for trends

I’m always looking for ways to save time in my business. I do this in my inbox by creating template emails for myself.

It’s important when using templates (and systems for that matter) to not remove yourself entirely. You don’t want your messages to sound like they came from a robot!  You still want your messages to convey your personality.

My aim with my templates is to save time by not having to type the same messages over and over again. I can then use the time I’ve saved to interact with people on a more personal level to create lasting relationships.

Look out for trends in your emails to know which templates will be useful for your business e.g. people asking how to book in for a session or asking what kind of services are covered in your session.


Step 5: Your inbox is not your filing system

When you’ve dealt with an email move that puppy out of your inbox! Create a home for your emails and move them in as soon as you.

Create a simple filing structure for your emails. It could match the structure you use for your documents or within Asana. Above all keep it simple!

My structure revolves around my clients. Potential Clients, Current Clients and Past Clients all have their own folders. Which folders do you need?



Is the thought of tackling your inbox leaving you cold? Give me an hour of your time and we’ll organise your emails together so you can spend less time in your inbox. Book a session for just US$97 and let’s get you organised quickly.


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I’m Andrea, and I travel the world while running my business.

I work as a business strategist and help ideas people get more done, with less stress, by organising and systemising their business.

Because we all deserve to live an extraordinary life.

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