You know exactly what you need to do in your business but somehow you never seem to get around to doing it. Something stops you from taking the action you need to.


You hold yourself back and watch while your business goals fade away.


I work with a number of different entrepreneurs and see these factors repeating themselves over and over . . .





You’ve figured out your goals for the year and you’re so excited about what you can envision. You start to plan out what you need to do.


And then you start to realise just how MANY things you need to do in order to achieve your goals.


You get overwhelmed by the sheer enormity of the mountain that you’d chosen to climb and you talk yourself out of getting started. That is when self-doubt comes calling . . .





“Who am I to want to achieve my goal? I mean I am literally creating something out of nothing!”


“Look at all those wonderful businesses that are already successful! I can’t begin to compare myself to them.”


“Someday, someone is going to realise that I’m a complete fake and don’t have what it takes to make my business work.”


“It’s best that I don’t start at all.”


Does any of this sound familiar to you?


Overwhelm usually starts when we try to juggle far too many balls. We want to create a new website, write our first book, create an online product, start a podcast. . . all by the end of next month!


No wonder you’re feeling overwhelmed!


Dealing with overwhelm begins by putting down a few of those balls. You’re giving up on those goals, you’re simply realizing that trying to do everything at once means you’re never going to finish anything.


Tip: take a good look at all of those goals that you’ve set for yourself. Which one will make the biggest difference to your business growth. Start there.

If you’re really struggling to figure this out, come and take a look at the VIP option in the Idea to Implementation program (starting on 24 February). As part of that option you’ll have access to the month long group coaching program AND you’ll have a private one hour session with me to work out which goal is the most important for you to be working on during the program.

Self-doubt will affect all of us at one time or another. It’s completely normal. Knowing this we can start to prepare in advance so that when self-doubt comes knocking we don’t can politely say “No thanks, I don’t want to buy what you’re selling}


Tip: Think of what has boosted your confidence in the past. It could be something as simple as a regular hair cut or it may be that reading over past client testimonials gives your confidence a lift. Start to put together a success mindset toolkit that you can reach into when self-doubt comes a knocking.





It happens to all of us. We know what we need to do but can’t seem to get started. Motivation has put on her nicest hat and slipped out the door. . .


“Instagram might have some motivation, I’ll look there.”


“Pinterest is sure to get me started on my business tasks…“


“Oh look, a kitten playing with bubbles!”


Dealing with procrastination is completely within your control, even if it doesn’t feel that way.


Tip: Sit yourself down at your desk. Choose one thing to work on. Close out of everything else (yes EVERYTHING). Use the Pomodoro Technique to keep you focused on the task at hand. 25 minutes work. 5 minutes play. This technique has made a huge difference to how I work.




We all want to do a good job but when that need for excellence becomes perfectionism we aren’t doing ourselves any favours.


Perfectionism is simply procrastination in a prettier dress. We tell ourselves that our website, our writing and our videos must be perfect for our clients to appreciate them but the reality is that what our clients need is for us to share our gifts.


Not to hold tightly onto them until they’re 100% right.


Think progress, not perfection.


Tip: What are you holding onto right now because you’re trying to make it perfect? Be honest – is it good enough for you to release to the world right now? If you’re best friend sent it to you would have found it valuable. That is what counts.





I don’t have any of those issues you might say. Look how busy I am!


Ahh busy-work. That tricky little fellow who makes you think that because you’re working non-stop that you must be doing all of the right things in your business.


Busy-work is not the work that is going to grow your business. It’s the work that you spend time when you’re avoiding the big work.


The content creation, the marketing, the client services.


You might be avoiding the work for any of the reasons that I’ve set out above. Busy-work can be tricky he’s not always easy to spot in amongst all of the tasks that you’ve given yourself to do.


Tip: Look at the tasks on your to do list. Write down beside them which are Admin/Operations, CEO Time, Marketing & Sales, Content Creation, Client Services. How much of your time is spent on the last 4? How much is spent on Admin/Operations? This will give you a good idea of whether busy-work is taking up too much of your day.


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