You know that planning for your business success is a good idea, yet it can sometimes feel overwhelming. “So many things to do, where do I start?!”

90 Day Plans can be a useful planning tool in mapping out your business focus (if you’d like to know more please read What is a 90 Day Plan? (and how it can help your business)).

This is a step-by-step exercise to help you create a 90 Day Plan of your own.


Firstly, you need to have a long term goal that you want to work towards

Your vision: To inspire and empower women around the world to be healthy.

Your annual goal: Write a book


Secondly, decide on what your goal/focus for the next 90 Days is going to be

Find an agent that I would love to work with and who has great connections in the publishing world.


Thirdly, list out ALL of the things you need to do in the next 90 days to make that focus happen

Research publishers I’d like to work with

Research agents I’d like to work with

Write book outline

Send book outline to agents

Get agent!

Grow social media following on Facebook to [number] (to show you have enough of a following to be of interest to publishers)

Create a social media editorial calendar for Facebook

Create content for editorial calendar

Create graphics for social media Schedule social media

Grow email list to [number] (to show you have enough of a following to be of interest to publishers)

Brainstorm ideas for welcome gift for email subscribers

Create welcome gift

Have welcome gift graphics designed

Get welcome gift set up (create new list in Aweber, host opt-in on Host Gator, write copy for landing/squeeze page, design landing/squeeze page)

Plan method of marketing (Facebook page, Facebook groups, Webinars)

Plan how to market on chosen platforms

Set up marketing calendar and create marketing content


Ask yourself: What research do you need to do? What do you need to learn about? Who do you need to seek help from?

I’ve designed a template for you to use when working through this exercise …



Fourthly, decide on the order that you will need to do each of these tasks in

Slot each of the tasks into the appropriate column in the template: 30 Days, 60 Days or 90 Days.


When you have a detailed list you can clearly see what you need to be focusing on and what you can ignore. You can also see if what you want to achieve is doable in 90 Days (without you burning out and needing to recover with a month of chocolate and Netflix!).


Once you have your 90 Day Plan in place you can work out what you’ll be doing each day.Your daily tasks will naturally flow from your plan.


Happy planning!



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