We all know we are created to move yet in our busy worlds we sometimes forget to. We get caught up at work in front of a computer, on our smart phones on the bus and on our laptops when we get home.

Here are some ideas to create more movement in your day:

1. Move every damn day. Yes, even weekends. Yes, even when your inbox threats to overwhelm you. Moving every day makes it a routine, so that you never have to think about it. You just get out and do it.

2. Make it fun. You aren’t going to stick to a form of movement if you don’t like it. Why go to the gym when you love to be outdoors? Try different activities – go to that flash yoga mob, try out a dance class. Grab a friend and go for a walk at lunchtime.

3. Comparison is doom. We all do it. Compare ourselves to others. It is such a complete waste of our time and energy. We either feel smug or de-motivated. It does you no good as a person. Instead learn from the success of others. How did they get those abs? What did they do to get so flexible? Being happy for someone else, and respecting the effort they have made to get to where they are, will make you happier too. 

4. Movement can change lives. You might start out by doing a daily 10 minute walk. Then you find you can walk 30 minutes a day. Then you start to run. Suddenly the idea of running 10kms doesn’t seem crazy. I started out running for 2 minutes, walking for 1 minute. Those small beginnings lead me to complete the training for a half marathon, including 3 hour training runs. This wasn’t something I could have imagined doing when I first started.

5. Get the right people. Taking care of yourself is going to be that much harder if you are surrounded by people who want to keep you down. Let them deal with their own issues and get out and find people who are keen to move too.

6. Be kind to yourself. Yes, you want to move. No, you do not want to push yourself into an injury. I’ve had many injuries in the past and nearly all of them came down to the fact that I wasn’t being kind to myself. I had expected my body to do certain things without spending the time to build up my body’s strength and flexibility.


How could you add some (more) movement into your day? I’d love to hear from you.


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