One of the things that makes me happy is to give my time to friends or to conservation projects. I don’t expect anything in return as my reward is to know that I have helped those that I care about or the wonderful environment of New Zealand.

Recently I gave some of my time to help out at an event called The Feet with Heat Dance Extravaganza; a wonderful event run by my dance instructors that brings together a wide variety of performers for a night.

I was originally there to provide an extra body for a fantastic tap dance performance set to Michael Jackson’s thriller. I also became a runner for the evening helping to make sure that the performers were in the right spot at the right time. As there was plenty of down time I took my trusty camera along to practice my skills in a different environment. All of the performers I photographed were wonderfully accompanying and I was able to spend a lot of time back stage photographing the various wonderful performances. This was the first bonus of giving my time but it gets better!!

One of the founders of Feet with Heat, Jo Matsis, said as she rushed by “We’ll buy the photos if they are good”. That was a light bulb moment for me as I hadn’t even thought of that possibility as I was simply grateful to be able to practice in such a unique environment. Well later that week I made my first, second and third ever photography sales!! The good luck continued as four of my photos were then published in the Cook Strait News. What a fantastic bonus!

My first published photos

My first published photos

This experience really opened my eyes up to new possibilities and also made me realise that I don’t have to have all of my photography skills perfected before being able to show my photos to the world. On that note take a look at the new page I’ve created called “Photos” (oddly enough). I will gradually be adding photos for sale to that page as the first step towards incorporating photography into my portfolio career.

Are you putting off sharing one of your talents with the world because you are waiting until you have everything just right?

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