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Do you feel stuck?

You’ve got a great business idea that you’ve started to work on but the sheer number of things you need to do has got you feeling overwhelmed.

You’ve started your business but things aren’t going like you planned. Your original vision is buried under your never ending to-do list. You have no time to actually focus ON your business!

There is so much to do that you can’t find the time to work on getting your business running the way you want it to. Setting up your editorial calendar, creating a budget, working out your prices, making sure your legal bases are covered. It can be so exhausting!

You want to move forward with confidence and clarity

Together, we’ll take an honest look at where you’re getting stuck. We’ll create a plan that is customised to you and your business so that you can stop surviving and start thriving. No more fighting fires.

You’ll have a solid business foundation in place, so that you’re confident all the bases are covered. When you have a solid foundation everything else starts to fall into place.

You’ll naturally notice the areas of your business that could run more smoothly AND you have time to address them. Things that caused you stress before are now done with ease.

Over four weeks . . .
We’ll dive into your business. Our time together will be customised for you because each and every business is different. These are some of the topics we could look at:

  1. Your vision and how to break it down into manageable pieces
  2. Matching your vision to what you’re doing every day
  3. What’s working for you (and what’s not!)
  4. Creating your content creation strategy
  5. Clarifying the next step in your business
  6. Defining your unique value proposition
  7. Creating your 90 Day Plan (so that you know that every daily task is moving you closer to your goals)
  8. Organising your day so that you’re spending time on the right tasks (less busy and more time!)
  9. Ways to bring the fun back into your business (it’s too easy to get buried under the “shoulds”!)
  10. Creating a self-care plan so that you’re operating at your energised best.
  11. Identifying any blocks that are holding you back.

These 4 weeks won’t only be about talking and planning. Each week you’re going to take solid action towards your goals. I’ll be there at your side to give you some serious accountability and encouragement.

Andrea is an expert that not only knows the technical side of business, but also makes working with her something fun to look forward to. She has a fun personality and creative out-of-the-box thinking that has helped me thrive more as a photographer. She didn’t just help me with my business. She helped me further develop a unique business that will help me live a free and balanced life.

Before my session I was really confused about what to focus on in order to grow my business. After our session I now have actionable next steps that I’m actually excited about. Andrea genuinely cares about your success and takes a personal interest in your goals – I would highly recommend her to anyone!

Jennifer Dobson

Google Photographer & Gropro Enthusiast, Proview Photo

You’ll get . . .
  • A pre-session questionnaire that will show where you’re stuck and how you’re dealing with it now
  • ONE 1 hour coaching session with me (via Skype) to get to know each other and give me the details about your business
  • THREE 1 hour follow up sessions where we’ll continually work on getting you unstuck so you can make a big leap towards the business of your dreams.
Bonuses . . .
  • Unlimited email access to me between sessions so that nothing stops you from moving forward
  • Weekly goals (that we’ll set together) that you’ll work on between sessions and update me on in our sessions
  • 90 Day Plan template
  • 7 Days To More Time (an email series I designed to create more time and space in your day so your goals have more room to breathe)

Your investment for this 1:1 intensive coaching package is US $500.

It only takes 1 simple step to get started! Pay for your package by clicking the button below. Once the payment is processed you’ll receive an email from me with details of how to book your first session.

I’m Andrea, and I travel the world while running my business.

I work as a business strategist for creative entrepreneurs who want to be released from their endless to-do list and create a business strategy that really works for them.

Because we all deserve to live an extraordinary life.

13 to 23 Feb – ANTARCTICA!!

24 Feb to 25 April – Patagonia & Buenos Aires, Argentina

26 April to 29 July – Ajijic & Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

30 July to 8 Sept – Vancouver Island, Canada

9 Sept to 10 Oct – Olympic Peninsular, US

11 to 27 Oct – Seattle, Portland, Road trip (!) to San Francisco

28 Oct on – San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

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