Today I wanted to share with you four distinctive blogs of business women that I admire.


Each of these blogs is quite different and will give you an idea of what it’s possible to create.


Now there’s to be NO comparing “yours” to “theirs”!


These 4 business women are all very experienced business owners who have gone through many years of trial and error to be in the place that they are now.


Instead look to see what inspires you. Then go create!


Ash Ambridge – The Middle Finger Project

You know Ash is a branding genius when you see her business is called “The Middle Finger Project”. Right away you’ve got a taste of the kind of woman she is!


She’ll make you cringe, then think, then laugh so hard you snort coffee out of your nostrils. If swearing offends you DO NOT go to Ash’s site – she tells it like it is.


I’ve included Ash’s site because her writing is superb. Her copywriting skills are legendary and every single blog is literary gold. Her personality shines through in her writing in a way that few other blogs do.


Natalie Macneil – She Takes on the World

With a business called “She Takes On The World” Natalie was always going to be a highlight!


A successful business owner, an Emmy award winner and two times author, Natalie is certainly taking on the world! Her site is full of great business advice delivered via beautifully made videos.


I’ve included Natalie’s site, not only because it’s beautifully designed and full of good advice but, because it shows that blogs don’t have to be in written form.


Tara Gentile

Tara is the creator of Quiet Power Strategy™, a program which offers hands-on business training & support for idea-driven entrepreneurs. Yet that’s not all Tara does! She’s an author of several books and a sought after speaker. She also likes craft beer and Star Trek which makes her a winner in my books!


I highly recommend her Build a Stand-Out Business course at CreativeLive as it’s full of practical advice & lessons to have you taking action.


I’ve included Tara’s site because she is all about business. There is no fluff or woo-woo here. Nor much colour for that matter.


Each of her carefully considered blog posts covers a topic that will improve an aspect of your business, especially those that you might’ve been hiding away from.


Denise Duffield-Thomas – Lucky Bitch

Now you might not like the “b” word but that doesn’t mean you should overlook Denise’s blog. Denise has an incredible community of women that she works with to overcome their money blocks.


She delivers her blog via short videos, that are then transcribed and included in her posts.


I’ve included Denise’s blog because I love her open and honest style. She doesn’t try to be someone she’s not and will happily record a video without make up and be fine with that.


I think this is SO important because it clearly shows that success can have a number of different faces. You get to choose.


So did you see anything you liked? Perhaps the colours of Natalie’s blog or the neutral simplicity of Tara’s blog or maybe that Ash’s blog has no photos?


Each of your observations can help you to find the style of your blog. Do you want to deliver short, punchy videos or longer, insightful articles? The choice is yours.


Are there any business women that you admire? I’d love to hear in the comments below.


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