I bought the domain name for this website on 3 May 2010. I know this because on a recent podcast interview with Todd Nevins of Go Hunt Life, he asked me what my first tweet was. I had no clue but he did . . .



It’s quite surreal to be sitting here 7 years later looking back on what I’ve achieved. I can’t say that I’ve blogged consistently throughout those years (I had some business wobbles like everyone else while I was figuring out what I was doing) yet I have learnt a LOT!


These are the biggest business blogging mistakes that I made:


Blogging Mistakes 1 ~ Not knowing who I was writing for

When I started blogging I was writing for myself. I wasn’t sure about what I was doing business wise so I simply began to write bits and pieces.


I didn’t give much thought to who was reading my posts, I was simply glad when someone did!


These days I have a much clearer idea of who I’m writing to.


When I write about blogging, it’s my friend and business buddy Sally that I think about.


We had a great brainstorming session one day when I helped her see that she already have a pile of great ideas to write about.


Since then I ask myself “What would Sally like to hear about? What could I help Sally with?”


It makes a world of difference to what I write and it always puts a smile on my face when I think of her.


Blogging Mistakes 2 ~ Not having a focus for my posts

Each week I’d write about whatever I felt like. One week it was about a healthy smoothie I’d made, one week it was how I planned my week.


Nowhere was a focus to my posts evident!


Although it can be fun to be spontaneous with your blog posts (and there is always a place for that!) a little planning can go a long way.


After all your time is precious so you want your blog posts to have the biggest impact possible.


These days I’m working to ensure that each of my blog posts relate back to what I offer.


This post has a welcome gift at the end that will help you brain storm ideas for your blog post. That welcome gift then leads into a series of emails with more tips and a mention of my Kickstart Your Business Blog course (an online course designed to support you to move past the overwhelm so you can blog consistently, with confidence and ease, while knowing that you have a solid strategy behind your posts, so you never have to panic write a blog post again.)


It all flows together nicely and has a specific focus to it.


Blogging Mistakes 3 ~ Panic writing every week

Since I wasn’t planning out my posts in the early days there would be weeks when I had nothing to write about.


Hello panic writing. It looked a little like this…


“Must write something!


Stare at the blank screen.


“Hmm maybe I could write about . . ., no that won’t work.”


Stare at the blank screen.


Make cup of tea. Stare out the window. Take cup of tea into the garden. Stare at the plants.


Sit in front of laptop. Mind blank. Arrrrggggg.


It wasn’t pretty to witness and the blog posts were rarely my best work.


If this is you then do grab a free copy of my simple 3 step system that I use to generate all of my blog post ideas. Panic writing be gone!


Blogging Mistakes 4 ~ Writing like I thought I “should”

I was a corporate lawyer for 17 years. In many ways I still think of myself as a lawyer. I learned a lot during those years and have some fantastic clients.


When I started to write my blog it was only natural to use the writing voice that I’d developed as a lawyer – clear, concise and straight to the point.


That’s what I thought professional looked like. Yet there are many ways to sound professional without having to be so constrained with my words.


Nowadays there is a lot more of my personality in my writing. I’ll mention my travel adventures and include photos of the rescue animals that I volunteer with.


Some may see this as unprofessional (not my ideal clients) but more and more readers are finding me who appreciate that I can give them the information and advice they need in a way that is entertaining and approachable.


There are some days that I slip back into lawyer mode so I write the first draft that way. Then I edit the post to soften it and put more of me into it.


Have you been making any of these blogging mistakes? Let me know in the comments below.

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