Feeling stuck can be nasty. It leaches away positivity and leaves you feeling discouraged and uninspired.

I’ve been there. Tangled up in indecision. Frustrated. Feeling flat and not sure what to do next.

I wanted to share what has helped me get unstuck as it could be helpful for you too:


1. Give yourself a break

Being stuck happens to many, many people. New business owners. Experienced business owners. People in the 9-5. Writers. Photographers.

You’re not alone in this so give yourself a break. Being stuck can be demoralizing enough without you being hard on yourself too.


2. Take a break

I just want to know the answer NOW!

Whether it’s deciding on which business idea to pursue, how to make money from your new idea or writing a book, a desperate mindset isn’t going to yield positive results.

Take a break. Go and have some fun! Talk a walk outside. Go to a movie in the middle of the day. Your entire life doesn’t revolve around your business or creation.

Find the joy in the rest of your life and you’ll be happily surprised how it can help to pull you out of the sticky patch you’re in.


3. Talk it out

When something troubles me, my default mode of operation is isolation. I’ll turn the issue round and round in my head, looking at it from all angles. And, if I’m being completely honest, overthinking the issue.

It’s on these occasions that I have to move past my default and go and talk to a real live person. Releasing my thoughts ALWAYS helps. Either the simple fact of explaining my issue will present a solution or my friends will ask great questions to dislodge the blocks in my mind.

If you’re thinking “I have no-one to talk to about my business!”, then come and talk to me. Seriously. One of my super powers is getting people unstuck. Book in for a complimentary 20 minute call with me and get those swirling thoughts out of your head!


4. Get your body moving

Moving your body releases endorphins. Endorphins are happy chemicals.

Moving = happiness.

Have a dance party in your kitchen. Go for a walk. A swim. A bike ride. Anything so long as you’re moving that body of yours.


5. Change your environment.

Get your mind unstuck by moving your body somewhere else.

Go somewhere you’ve never been before, but always wanted to go to.

Go to your favourite place.

Go for a drive.

Sit in a different room.

If you can, get out in nature. Nature is an incredible force that will give you miles of inspiration if you let it. The roar of the ocean. The song in the trees. The beauty in a butterfly. They all move at their own place, never forced or rushed.

We have a lot to learn from the natural world that surrounds us.


6. Take action

Taking action is one of the BEST ways to get unstuck. I’m not talking massive, quit your job, kind of action but tiny steps. The kind that, if you take them every day, will have your walking across mountains.


Turn off your laptop, and your tablet, and your phone.


Grab a pen and paper and write down your thoughts, especially those nagging thoughts that you’ve been attempting to ignore. Ask yourself “What benefit is there to me staying stuck?” (there is always one even though this can be a uncomfortable question to ask yourself).


Eat a healthy lunch.


Do something you’ve been putting off for ages (this is a fantastic way to feel good about yourself and clear the way).


Declutter your junk draw. Your closet. All the unneeded files on your laptop. If you want your world to change then you need to release some of the strings that bind you to your current situation.


Do something nice for someone else.



This feeling of being stuck won’t last forever, even though it can feel like it at times. Look for the wonder in the world. Listen closely to your heart and you may find that you knew the answer all along.

Reach out and tell me where you’re feeling stuck.


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